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Illustrate It, Inc. is one of the highest acclaimed explainer video production companies in the country. Our company produces a variety of videos for use as marketing tools. We are a full service company that takes care of every aspect of video production including initial consult to setup and recording of first draft, changes, and final product. You will get an all-inclusive price when you talk to your account manager at Illustrate It, Inc. so there are no surprises and you know the final cost will be within your budget.

Finding good, reputable explainer video production companies can be difficult. You must be persistent and follow your instincts before you hire just anyone. Fortunately, Illustrate It, Inc. is happy to present our credentials from the very beginning. We’ll let you take a look at samples of work for past clients, review our policies and allow you to give your own creative input every step of the way. We let all of our clients have access to our video production program, Wistia. Clients can log on and see the stages of production and suggest edits to their video as we move through the project.

Before you begin the interview process, you will need to determine your video needs. Good explainer video production companies, like Illustrate It, Inc., are able to help you organize your ideas and funnel them into one comprehensive video. We are able to complete most jobs in four to six weeks. Our staff has the talent required to make a variety of videos, including marketing videos, training videos, explainer videos and more.

We can help your business create effective marketing videos that are sure to capture the attention of consumers. We pay attention to key demographics and create videos that are sure to entertain your target market. Videos are designed to suit website posting formats as well as a variety of social media posting formats. These considerations can affect the type and style of video you make, and while you’ll likely always want to present a professional-grade video, the audience will determine the tailoring of the format. Using explainer video production companies that don’t take these things into consideration is a mistake. Only Illustrate It, Inc. can create videos that are sure to entertain and capture consumer audiences. We hand tailor your explainer video to your audience so they will become more engaged, your video be better received and make your company more approachable and appealing to consumers.

From start to finish, Illustrate It, Inc. can help you determine your audience and can assist you in making an explainer video that will bring the best return possible. With our years of experience in all types of video formats and uses, other explainer video production companies can not compare to Illustrate It, Inc.

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