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Educational videos are a great way for people to learn about your company and what it is you do. People will retain 58 percent more of your message when it is delivered visually as well as audibly. Whether you are looking to create a short video to train or tell others about your company, Illustrate IT! can help you create and produce a quality video you will be proud to put on your website.

We are the company you want to work with to create and produce your educational videos. We are a creative team of professionals who take great pride in the work we produce. If it does not meet our own high standards, then we work on it till we feel confident it is the best video you have ever seen. We are passionate about what we do so you can rest assured that your video will be of the highest quality and satisfy your needs and preferences.

We create more videos than just educational videos. We also are able to create and produce explainer videos, demonstration videos, translation videos, selling videos and more. The possibilities are endless with visual messages. There will be no more misunderstandings with a video that clearly explains and visually enhances your message.

We love to interact with you to get an idea for the type of video you want to create. We explain the entire production process to you and encourage your input every step of the way. From storyboard development to production, you will understand the process and come to know us as your friends. You will also understand why we are so passionate about what we do. Our creative team is professional, friendly and experienced.

It is important to us that your video meets your high standards as well as our own. That is why we have in place a management program that lets you give us your input throughout the creation and production process. No one knows your company’s expectations better than you and we want to be sure that the educational videos we produce will meet those expectations.

We are your single source of video creation, development and production. We know what we are doing when you want a quality video to put on your website or show your customers and employees. Search engines are 58 times more likely to put you towards the top of their search results when you have a video on the front page of your website.

It is time to put your message into a visually entertaining, fun and easy to understand video. We look forward to working with you and answering your questions. Contact us today to get started making your ideas into quality educational videos.

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