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Education videos are a great source of information. Sometimes when you are trying to explain complex ides or educating others, a video is the best method of getting your message out there in an easy to understand manner. The use of visuals and sound helps people to retain the information you set forth more easily and helps them to better understand your position. People will retain 58 percent more of your message when it is delivered visually.

Illustrate It can produce education videos that will help you get your message across. Whether you need to learn it, explain it or translate it, we can create videos that will be clear and concise while still being fun and entertaining. We create simple, animated videos to help you get your ideas out to your intended audience. We call this an explainer video.

We create more than just education videos. We are able to produce simple videos that explain your company’s ideas, value proposition, and more. We offer our services to start-ups, medium and large companies to help simplify your message in a fun and entertaining format. We make your message clear and succinct with simple, easy to understand analogies that will exemplify and enlighten. We are passionate about the videos we create so we work diligently to make sure we produce the best videos for you.

Video marketing is the best medium to drive traffic to your website. In fact, 60% of all web traffic comes from watching online videos. People retain 58% more of your message if it is explained visually and by having videos on your home page you are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page search results with Google. Talk about making it to the top of the list!

Our creative team is extremely knowledgeable and ready to make your animation ideas into a reality. We will walk you through the process and want to have you involved every step of the way. We value your input because they are your education videos. You own it and we ask your permission to use it to market our services to others. That is different from a lot of video animation companies who usually own the rights to your videos.

We know we are the best at what we do. We encourage you to take a look at some of our past work and see the quality and pride we put in to each of our projects. We also invite you to read our customers’ testimonials and to learn more about what we do and why we do it. It is time you considered a video to teach others in a simple and fun way. Contact us today and get started with education videos that will be sure to deliver results.

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