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Direct marketing videos are a great way to get your name out there and drive traffic to your website. It is like having an affordable commercial on your home page. Studies show that having a video online drives 60% of web traffic to your site. It also increases your chances of Google and other search engines putting your name on the first page of search results. Explainer videos are an affordable way to market and advertise your company that will far reach your audience no matter their location. Whether you are a local or global oriented company, videos give an extra sense of clarity to your target market.

Illustrate It, Inc. is a video production company with passionate, professional and friendly employees. Our team consists of scriptwriters, producers, animators and more. We love what we do! We work closely with you to craft your message and ideas into a visual work of art. We create videos with simple animations and an easy to understand message to prevent misunderstandings. Whether you seek to demonstrate a product or service you offer, tell people about what you do or promote your company in general, videos are a great medium for direct marketing.

Direct marketing consists of many types of mediums including mail-outs, face-to-face contact and more. However, sometimes you cannot capture the one on one interaction because your audience base is wide spread. Videos are the next best option to capture your target market’s attention and engage them in your message. The more engaged and interactive your video is, the more people will remember who you are and what you do. People retain 58 percent more of your message when it is delivered visually. That is why videos are a wonderful option for your marketing needs.

Marketing campaigns consist of mailings, commercials, videos and call to action plans. Videos are a great way to drive people to your website as a call to action. Videos on your website pages can encourage people to contact you or purchase your product or service. When it comes to direct marketing, the sky is the limit. Being creative and cutting edge will help you stay a step ahead of your competition. We offer you the professional videos you need to entertain, engage and drive your audience to do business with your company.

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to consider videos are a fantastic medium for marketing and advertising your company. Now is the time to build relationships with past and prospective customers. Now is the time to take advantage of a visual medium and put you a jump ahead of your competition. Contact us today to get started making your video ideas into a reality and bringing your direct marketing campaign to life.

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