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A custom video can help you to explain your message in a clear and succinct way. You can prevent misunderstandings when you illustrate it and help your audience retain your important message. Statistics show that people are 58% more likely to remember something when it is presented to them visually. With Illustrate It, Inc. you have the opportunity to produce your video and make it fun and memorable.

We are a video production company. We create simple videos that explain your message using animations and analogies. We offer our video marketing services to many companies to help simplify their messages in an entertaining, enlightening and easy to understand format. When it comes to your custom video, no short cuts are taken. We want to make sure that we have created a video that is in keeping with the reputation and expectations of your company.

We have a creative and highly experienced team as well. We have producers, scriptwriters, voice over artists, animators and sound engineers. We love what we do and our passion is reflected in our final custom video production and the quality of customer service we offer to our clients. We offer comprehensive management tools that make it possible for you to monitor our progress and give your input and feedback. We seek to make your vision a reality and ensure your video will deliver the outcome you expect.

We do not just create explainer videos or two-minute elevator speech videos. We do much more. We can create a custom video to meet a variety of corporate needs such as training videos, translation videos and more. Whatever your video needs are, we are here to make it happen with attention to details, time frames and quality.

Despite what you might think, a custom video can be produced in as little as four to six weeks and it is affordable. We start with a brief where we talk to you to get an idea of what your company needs are and how we can best help solve those issues. Then we create a storyboard and script to make your message simple and easy to understand as well as entertaining and fun. Once we produce the video, we get your input to see where improvements might be needed and then deliver the final video in a format you desire.

You have chosen the best company to produce your video. We are so passionate about what we do that we have yet to produce a less than fabulous video for our clients. Our reputation is in the quality videos we produce and your reputation is in the videos you show to your audience. We would never put either reputation at stake for a less than the best custom video.

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