Creative Motion Design

Creative motion design can really spruce up your website or advertising campaign by adding creative and stylish visual elements that will help explain your company. Sometimes known as the “elevator pitch,” being able to explain or summarize your company’s service or products in a short span of time can help hook customers and convert web and advertising traffic into actual sales and customer communication. Customers are more likely to interact with your business if they can quickly access your information without spending hours reading long paragraphs of text and creative motion design can assist with this. Illustrate It, an Addy award winning company with the American Advertising Federation, can help you create an affordable, custom piece of animation that will become an integral part of your website and advertising.

Retention rates for visual information are much higher than text or audio alone, and with most customers only briefly visiting web pages and then leaving again, your company needs a sure fire way to catch a customer’s attention quickly and to explain what your company does. Sometimes, every detail is too much and websites can overwhelm visitors with a lengthy text block that explains every step of your important services, or a standard live video with a “talking head” explaining a concept. These standard explanations can be overdone and boring. Instead, creative motion design animations can offer a brief and fun way to explain your company’s services or a complicated product with characters, narration, and elegant and stylish animation. Illustrate It works directly with your business each step of the way to develop a custom animation that reflects your company’s style and the purpose you choose for a video. Maybe your creative motion design will feature an explanation of your company, a walk-through of a service or product, or even a more light-hearted animated serial to draw customers into the personality and description of your business.

With Youtube and similar video sites averaging billions of hits each year, your animated video may have uses beyond enlivening your website. You own all the rights to your video from Illustrate It. Consider a Youtube posting to draw in more customers, or using your video as part of a marketing project to flooded media outlets in your area to make your company stand out. Your animated video could be part of your convention display, a presentation to investors, or run as part of your store displays to educate your customers. With Illustrate It’s affordable options for original and custom animation, your options with creative motion design animated videos are nearly unlimited.

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