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Your corporate video should be one that represents your company and enhances your company’s reputation. It should be made with care and quality in mind. Whether it is a video that you are showing to employees, customers or potential clients, your video can say a lot about your company that is unspoken. A poorly created video could say that you do not pay attention to details and take care in your customers. A quality video could say you care about everyone in detail and want the best for him or her through the services your company offers.

Here at Illustrate It, our passion is explainer video production. We pride ourselves on timely work with the highest quality end result. Since we are so incredibly passionate about what we do, you can be confident that your corporate video is the best ever. We only give you a complete, final video that will meet you and your company’s needs and expectations.

Video marketing is by far the best medium for others to understand your message and detour traffic to your website. People retain 58% more of your message if it is explained visually. The fact is that 60% of all web traffic comes from watching an online video and you are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of a search result just by having a video on your home page. Talk about simple marketing!

We want to make sure that the video you show meets the reputation and standards your company has put forth. We have a management and tracking system that allows you to follow along and give your input during every step of your corporate video production process. This way, we can ensure we are making your vision into reality and producing the quality video you need to catch the attention of your audience and get your point across.

Most videos are created and completed within four to six weeks. This is not a long time in the world of video production. We are quick and thorough to make sure we have produced a quality video that meets your needs. After all, we do not want to look bad or have your company look bad because the video was poorly created and produced. That is why we are quickly becoming the leaders in corporate video services and production. We will not release any video unless it is a shining example of our work and a reputation builder for your company.

Contact us today to get started on your video and building your reputation on simple, easy to understand messages. Drive traffic to your website and build a quality brand in your company. We should be your only choice when it comes to your corporate video.

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