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Illustrate IT is a corporate video production company that provides full service video and graphic ads for marketing campaigns across the nation. They include everything from initial consult to setup and recording of first draft, changes, and final product in their preliminary quote. You will get an all-inclusive price when you talk to your account manager at Illustrate IT so there are no surprises.

Finding a good, reputable corporate video production company can be tricky, but be persistent and follow your instincts before you hire anyone. Look to see samples of work for past clients; review their policies on canned video vs custom, personalized explainer videos; verify their final product format to make sure it is compatible with your needs. All these things should be volunteered by a respectable corporate video production company, but make sure that the fit feels right as well.

Before you begin the interview process, you will need to determine your video needs. A corporate video production company that completes a project for a business that needs internal training video material may not be best suited for your business that needs mass marketing appeal in video format. Needs for video on a corporate level can vary as vastly as the levels of personnel. From introductory custom videos for new hires, to training for seasoned staff, to advertising and marketing materials for public use, each use can have specific formats and nuances that best meet the need of the target audience.

Another matter of key importance to keep in mind is the audience itself and its demographic makeup. Will your video be primarily viewed on television, and at what time of day? Will it be posted on specific websites only, thus possibly limiting access to specific search results or will it be tagged for general search engine discovery? What age and education level will your audience likely be? What income level? Will professionals search for your video at work or those taking it easy on the sofa? These considerations can affect the type and style of video you make, and while you’ll likely always want to present a professional-grade video, the audience will determine the tailoring of the format. Using a corporate video production company to tailor your video to your audience will cause the audience to be more engaged, have your video be better received, and make your company more approachable and “in touch” with your audience.

From start to finish, Illustrate IT can help you determine your audience and answer some of the questions listed above so they can assist you in making a video that will bring the best return possible. With years of experience in all types of video formats and uses, corporate video production company Illustrate IT is sure to be able to design and create the perfect video for you.

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