Commercials are a form of advertising where a message is presented and a call to action is given. They are usually presented visually as well as audibly. They seek to engage their target market and elicit a response from their audience in less than 30 seconds. Some ads are very clever and even become viral while others do not make the cut and are cut from people’s minds.

Good video commercials can really strike a person and engage them in a way that makes your company or brand memorable. A commercial is completely useless if your target market cannot remember who you are even if they remember what you said or how you presented your message.

Illustrate It, Inc. specializes in explainer videos, short two-minute “commercials” that present your company’s value proposition or promote a product or service you offer. We use simple animations and analogies to help prevent misunderstandings and engage your audience in your message. Our videos are used mainly online and are fun and entertaining. They tell people what you do and why you do it.

We work closely with you and encourage your input every step of the way. Throughout the video making process, we want you involved so we can adjust your video to meet the needs of your company and be a solid representation of what your company believes. From the creative brief through the scriptwriting, voice over and production processes, you will be able to give your feedback and help us make the best video possible. We are concerned about your video needs and want to be sure we are able to meet those needs completely.

Sixty percent of web traffic comes from online videos and Google and other search engines are 53 times more likely to put your company on the first page of their search results when you have a video on your home page. This is basically free advertising and an easy way to promote your company. Videos are the cheapest form of online commercials because you can place them on your site or YouTube and they will get circulated and shared if people think they are worthwhile.

Online videos are a great way to explain, promote or demonstrate. People retain 58 percent more of your message when it is delivered visually as well as audibly. That is why having a professional quality video on the web is important to driving potential customers to your website. It is the most basic and cheapest form of advertising out there today.

Now is the time to work with us to create an exceptional video about your company. There is no better form of advertising than inexpensive videos and online commercials. Contact us today to start creating your amazing video.

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