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A great way to achieve brand building is with an animated explainer video. These videos are great for the home page of your website and can simply explain your value proposition, visual FAQs, how non-profit funds are used and more. They use simple analogies and graphics to deliver your message or idea in a fun and entertaining way. They are designed to exemplify and enlighten your audience while capturing their attention and helping to build your company’s reputation.

Illustrate It, Inc. is your solution to affordable explainer videos. We create one to three minute videos for small, medium and new businesses. From idea development through to delivery, we put your ideas together in a simple, fun video meant to help your reputation and build your brand. A video is only one of many ways to achieve a good image but it can be one of the most important aspects of your brand. The fact is that 60 perfect of all web traffic to your site comes from watching an online video. Those people are more likely to remember your message by up to 58 percent. That is powerful brand building!

When you choose to work with us, you can expect the process to take about four to six weeks from start to finish. Part of that is because we request your input every step of the way to ensure your video meets your company’s expectations and will positively reflect your company’s image. We want to make sure that your idea or message is clear and succinct and that the final video is of the highest quality. Our team of professionals are passionate about creating videos to suit your brand building needs. It is important to us that your video is everything you want it to be and more.

The process may seem complex but for those of us who love what we do, it is second nature and it certainly does not feel like work to us. We start with the brief where we ask you questions about your company and your intended message. Then, we head into script and storyboard development where we create the narrative story and develop an illustrated storyboard of the key scenes that will become your animated video. Finally, we put it all together with voice-overs, sound effects, fun animation and more. Throughout the entire process we seek your input and suggestions. After all, you own the video and it needs to represent your company and promote brand building.

It is time you chose the best video production company to make your short explainer videos. We are creative and clever and can make your message reputable and fun. Contact us today to learn more and receive a quote on a brand building video that will promote your company’s image.

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