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Are you looking for the best animation company to add interest to your website, business presentation, or to explain your product or service? Illustrate It Inc. can produce custom animation tailored to your needs to help make your website more interesting or your presentation stand out, or maybe to simply explain how your services can work for your customers. The best animation for your company would match your company’s style and purpose. You would not want an animation for a new technology program with old-fashioned, antiquated characters. Illustrate it does not use any stock animation, producing each new short film for its clients based on needs, style, budget, and purpose.

Illustrate It’s knowledgeable and creative employees will guide you step by step through the process of having animation created for your business. The process for getting some of the best animation around will start with a brief to explain your project to Illustrate It’s skilled animators. They will need an idea of what your project is, what it will be used for, and information on your website or company. Next, a phone call via phone or Skype will allow the animators and designers to better understand your project and clarify any questions you or the designers may have. From there, a story board that includes the narration and an illustrated version of the video you have requested will be created. During this time, you will also be asked to review Illustrate It’s top four choices for voice actors to choose the perfect narrator for your explainer video. Your film will be developed and a rough cut of the video will be posted in Wistia for your time-stamped commentary. Illustrate It wants to be certain that you are completely satisfied with the video. Once final edits are complete, your video will be delivered in the most current file formats for your use. You retain all rights to the film created for you because your film is for your company! Each step of producing the best animation possible will be shared with your company.

Animated videos from Illustrate It, Inc. come in several formats and can be altered and customized to suit your needs. Perhaps a white board style animation with simple drawings illustrated on a white background would be an excellent explanation for a new product. An explanatory animation featuring the workings of your website may be another option you wish to choose. You can even have a serial web broadcast featuring quirky characters to explain your newest products. Whichever option you choose, Illustrate It will help customize your animation to a style that suits your company and makes your products and services more accessible, easily understood, and impossible to forget. Illustrate It promises to deliver the best animation to you.

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