Animators are individuals who create moving illustration for movies, advertising, or websites. Animation itself can be used in a variety of ways including entertainment, to explain or heighten awareness of products, or to educate. Animation can be done by hand with a series of illustrations that are altered slightly from image to image to create movement as the images are flashed in succession. More commonly today animation is completed by computer digitally with digitally rendered images or with programs that simulate movement. Just like all film, animation has a wide variety of purpose and use and animators can be in high demand due to the specialized nature of their artistic skills. Because of this, it may be difficult to find an illustration or animation company that can produce a completely original video that suits your company without feeling like you are going to go over budget or getting a product that is not entirely suited to your businesses style or needs.

With Illustrate It, you can work with a professional, creative, and approachable animation staff that can create a completely custom animated video for your website or presentation. Illustrate It specializes in creating explanatory animated videos that help succinctly explain and highlight your product, service, or business. Information retention is, statistically, much higher when visuals such as video are used. Animators with Illustrate It can turn a lengthy, wordy explanation into a succinct and stylish animated video that will get your customers’ attention and keep it. Unlike some companies, Illustrate It will not used canned images or stock images to create your video. Each animated piece is custom designed for your company and your needed purpose. Whether you need to explain how your services work, give a brief tour of your products and website, or want to create an animated “serial” to get your customers attention, Illustrate It animators can provide work that is original and tailored to your needs.

Illustrate It offers several main styles of video that may help you choose what you wish your video to look like. Web serials offer advertising “stories” with characters and plots that involve your company’s purpose. A white board animated video is designed to have the appearance of someone writing information on a screen. Explanatory videos, meanwhile, might offer images of your website or product being used. Whichever you choose, your business will be involved with customizing your video at every step of the away, with your final approval and input needed for the project. Illustrate It loves working with their customers to create a custom designed piece of art that works to get your customers attention. Their skilled animators are ready to help you design the advertising project of your dreams.

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