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Animation videos do not just have to be cute. They can be stylish, saavy, modern, sleek, international, or classic. Name your style and animation can be done to match it. With video media on the internet booming with billions of hits to Youtube and similar sites each year, your company can no longer afford to not have video as part of your advertising plan and website content. However, affording live action video can be difficult and, often, ineffective as the “talking head” discussing your business plans can seem boring and over done. Enter animation videos, with their customizable and affordable content, versatile design, and customizable nature to be able to match whatever your business needs are. Animated explanatory videos are a wonderful way to explain your company, a new service, or highlight a new product for your business. They can be used as stand alones on your website or as part of an e-mail or other advertising campaign. Illustrate It, an Addy award winning company with the American Advertising Federation, can provide affordable and creative solutions in animation videos for your company.

Illustrate It, unlike other companies, creates entirely custom animated video shorts that last under two minutes, providing a clear, concise explanation of your content for your customers. Your entire video is produced in four to six weeks by Illustrate It’s talented staff. Costs are kept far lower than many companies by Illustrate It taking advantage of today’s internet technology to create a team of writers, animators, and advertising specialists that live around the world rather than being limited to one geographic area and high office over head. These savings are passed directly to the customers, allowing for affordable animation videos that can be produced quickly and customized directly to your company.

Illustrate it involves you in the process for your custom animation from step one. A brief and then a later conference call will help Illustrate It’s staff better understand your company and the purpose your video will serve. Storyboards and notes will be available for viewing online for your approval and perusal and the customer assists in choosing voice actors for their animation. Every step of the way, Illustrate It encourages companies to engage in the creative process with them. Whether you are looking for a video to simply and easily explain your company’s purpose or services, a catchy piece of advertising with animated characters, or a video that highlights a complicated but important product, Illustrate It can help you. Animation videos can be a wonderful way to attract attention and provide a clear explanation for your company.

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