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An animation video is a fun and entertaining way to get your message across in a clear and succinct manner. Complex messages can be made simple with explanatory videos. Whether you need to get across your company’s value proposition, train your employees or sell to your customers, videos are a great way to simplify your message and make it easier for your audience to remember. As a matter of fact, people are 58% more likely to remember your message when it is delivered visually. Illustrate It is your solution to creating and producing fun, entertaining and memorable videos.

We can create a simple animation video called an explainer video. This video will explain your company’s value proposition or new idea or any other concept that you feel is best explained through visual animations. We offer video services to start-ups, medium and large companies to help simplify their message and make it fun. Working with us makes your message clear and easy to understand. We will even create analogies that will enlighten your audience and keep them engaged in the message.

We will explain the entire production process to you from the brief all the way through to its delivery and file format. We start with asking you questions about your project. Questions include what problem does your company want to address and how are you different from your competition? Then we further narrow down the project goals by asking more in depth questions through the project kick-off. Once we have that in place, we start the development of the script and storyboard. Following the development comes the voice over review, video production and video review. This is where the animation video starts to become reality. Once you approve of the video production, it gets sent to our sound engineers for sound effects. Finally, it is time for delivery of the final video to you.

Using an animation video to get your message out to your audience is of great importance. Whether you are looking to put it on your home page to attract future customers or on an intranet site to inform your employees, videos are a marketing genius and are easily able to explain your message and prevent misunderstandings.

We will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. You can see our portfolio of past work and read our customers’ testimonials on our website. We even have a video on our home page to give you an idea of what we are all about. We are creative, we are passionate and we are professional. We look forward to working with you and helping to build up your company’s reputation in a visually pleasing way. Contact us today to get started! When it comes to an affordable animation video you have chosen to work with the company that can Illustrate It.

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