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Illustrate-It is an animation studio and video production company. We seek to make your ideas and messages into a visual reality with high quality videos. We understand how difficult it can be to have others understand a complex idea or message. That is why bringing it to life through video with simple animations and graphics is a great way to clarify your message and make it easier to understand.

Our passion for creating quality videos is reflected in our final work and your explainer video will be no exception. We have a creative team of highly experienced producers, writers, artists and engineers. We love what we do and that contributes to our success time after time. We only produce the highest quality videos that will meet your preferences and needs and deliver the outcomes your business expects and deserves. We believe in the reputation of our customers as well as maintaining our own reputation. That is why we offer affordable solutions as a quality animation studio.

People retain 58% more of your message if it is explained in a visual format. In addition, 60% of all web traffic comes from watching an online video. The best medium to increase your website traffic are online videos. As an added bonus, your website could be on the first page of Google search results just by having a video on your home page. Can you see how working with us will give you an advantage over your competition?

An animation studio that offers you the ability to create and produce your video from beginning to end is your best bet. Usually we can complete your video in four to six weeks. We ask for your input throughout the entire process to ensure we are delivering the quality video you expect to receive. We know you do not want any surprises and neither do we when it comes to a video you will be sharing with the world. It is your reputation on the line and that is why we want you so involved with the video production process.

We have a list of clients who love their videos and the work we do for them. Our testimonials explain how great we are and how professional your final product looks. The proof is in the increased traffic to your website and the better understanding people will have of your company or concept. Who needs a two-minute elevator speech when you can just show it? With an animation studio working for you, the sky is the limit.

Contact us today and learn more about what we offer and how it will help your company. We are here to create your vision and make it a reality. It is time you had IT with an animation studio that stands for quality video production, timely results and passion.

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