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An animation creator can vastly improve the interest and clarity level of your website. Imagine having spent money on search engine optimization, gorgeous web design, and having carefully written and constructed each line of text and carefully selected your layout and pricing for the best effect. After all of this work, the last thing you want is your customer to bump into your website and wander away after a few moments of browsing because they cannot quickly and easily access or understand your content. Animation can help resolve this problem by explaining your business’ products or services in a clear, entertaining, and eye-catching manner. But which animation creator should you choose?

Illustrate It specializes in web based animation to add to your web site or presentation. Animated video can add clarity, simplify a complicated explanation, or simply serve to catch the attention of your customers. With over half of all web traffic directing to sites from video links, animation can be a wonderful way to direct even more traffic to your web site. Illustrate It is an award winning animation creator, with an Addy Award from American Advertising Federation, and can offer your business a variety of design options and customization for your original web animation. With Illustrate It, your explainer video will be completely original, with no canned or stock images, tailored to the needs of your company, and suitable for your company’s style and design.

The process of having a custom animation made may seem daunting but can be broken down into several steps. First, discussions with the animation company will break down your needs and allow them to ask you questions pertinent to your video. This is where you will discuss things like style, purpose of the video, cost, length, and complexity. After these calls are completed, a story board for your animated video will be drafted and you will have the option to choose from four voice actors and narration to suit the one that you believe best fits your message. You will receive a rough copy of your video for your commentary so that you can provide detailed feedback on what you like and do not like. Lastly, once final edits are completed, you will receive a file copy of your video for your own use. You retain all the usage rights for your video with Illustrate It as your animation creator so there is no question of where and how you can use your new video or needing to fill out messy paperwork to access something that you already purchased! All you need to do is decide what you wish your video to explain and contact Illustrate It as your reliable animation creator.

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