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Animation companies are finding themselves in demand now more than ever! With the increase in web traffic and the demand for flashier and more attention-grabbing websites, companies that specialize in animation can pick their niche and flourish. Advertisers are being required to create ad campaigns that will quickly catch the attention of their audience in order to convert those views to sales. Animation companies are able to capitalize on our on-demand society by creating video marketing that sets their clientele above the competition.

Using animation as a form of advertising can open interesting options to the advertiser. One specialty of animation companies is stop action video. This process involves shooting still photos of an object in very small increments of difference, in sequence, one after the other, then putting them together and playing the “video” at a rapid rate. One early example of stop action was the flip book where a drawing would occur usually in one corner of a book, with a slight change being made when the drawing was repeated on the following page, and so forth throughout the book or pad, until the action was completed. The “reader” or viewer would flip the corners with a thumb to see the picture in “action”.

Early movies even used a bit of stop action to depict the disappearance of items from the scene. Filming would stop and the object or characters would be removed from the set, filming would resume with a shot of smoke injected into the scene and when the smoke cleared the remaining set was without the removed pieces. This process can also be reversed with set pieces or characters being added to the scene. Animation companies can do this today with computers much easier and with much lower cost.

Another option for video animation used in advertising is the animated cartoon. Take for instance the forest animals using bath tissue. Obviously, bears do not live in conventional housing, nor do they use the toilet. But with animation, this unlikely scenario becomes something to which we can relate and identify. Animation companies have been able to make potentially uncomfortable situations less awkward by taking away the “reality” factor and, using animated figures and humor, introduce them in such a way as to make them inoffensive.

Both of these options utilize the feature of voice-over which can aid in grabbing our attention, especially if the voice doesn’t match the “character”. Our attention is captured by the disunity of these characteristics and we tend to be more interested trying to find some continuity in the scenario. Many animation companies have voice over actors on staff to use when designing their video marketing pieces, others contract out the work to well-known voices.

Illustrate IT is one of the leaders among animation companies that has found its niche in video advertising and marketing.

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