On the Fun We Can Have with Animated Videos

Have you considered using animated videos to promote your organization? It might be a great thing to look into! If your business is trying to catch the attention of possible customers; if your are a charitable organization looking for a simple way to let the public and your donors know just exactly what it is you do and how you are going about doing it; if you have a new product and want to make sure buyers are using it properly then one of the best new tools on the market is an animated video.

Technology for making animated videos has become so sophisticated, they can be made to convey your message in a number of ways and with any tone you require. They do not have to be cartoonish and clumsy anymore, not when you have a great team like we do at Illustrate iT. Since we handle all the technical stuff, there is no scary learning curve so the process of having an animated video created for your company or organization really is fun!

First you answer some questions so we know where to start, then we all have a meeting, your team and our team, to communicate and brainstorm and get everyone on the same page. We can meet using Skype or GotoMeeting, whatever works for you. This is when we get all the data we need so that our staff of artists and writers get to work making a script and story board. Once you are happy with that, we find a few likely voice-over actors for you to choose from, then roll it all together and give you a rough cut animation to look at and comment on. Once all those changes are made, we send it on to our sound lab for music and the all-important sound effects (ba-da-boom). Before you know it you have your explainer video in whatever format you prefer. You own it, it is yours!

Now that you have your animated video you can use it in any of a number of ways to promote your organization or business. You can add it to your website, use it in an email campaign, publish it online, or use it in presentations. The possibilities are endless, and since everyone had so much fun making it, everyone who watches it will have fun too. Animated videos really are a great way to communicate with the public about what your business has to sell, or what your organization is doing.

So don’t be intimidated! Contact us at Illustrate iT and join in the fun of Animated Videos!

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