Animated Explainer Videos Services

Animated explainer videos are a great way to set your business story set in motion with sound and animation. Anyone can make a website that has text and images, or fancy graphics, but here at Illustrate iT, we can design an explainer video that can build your company an original epic film that makes your business look more reputable and sets you above your competition.

Animated explainer videos can engage your customers as soon as they land on your website in a way that makes them instantly like and trust you as an expert in the industry. Traditional methods of advertising using only written ad copy, are no longer enough if you want to attract online shoppers in today’s digital era. Research show that 80% of people would rather view a short, concise video than take the time to read content. A smart online video production can more effectively sell your product or service for you.

At Illustrate iT, we can develop animated explainer videos and provide the support for your website that will optimize your search engine optimization. Having a well-designed video production on your site can result in additional traffic, inform visitors more effectively, while conveying your message, prompt users in desirable ways, direct attention to specific areas of the website and make your company appear more personable. Our professionals will even help you focus on what you want your online animated video to accomplish.

Animated explainer videos are becoming the advertising and marketing norm on the internet today. Any company is foolish to think they can compete with the big dogs without one. Videos offer a greater opportunity to cast your company’s vision in a more unique way. Online shoppers are more sophisticated and connect with moving imagery better than by what they read. You will find more televisions on in homes then you will find a book open. We know how to take you public while attracting a following to increase engagement using a cleverly designed animated video.

Choosing Illustrate iT to create your explainer videos has some other advantages as well. Besides boosting online conversations by as much as 300%, our videos can make your website appear approachable and much easier to understand. An online shopper can determine how well you will deliver on your product or service by you communication style illustrates the benefits of your product. Some of the heads of companies can struggle when attempting to present what they do and why they do it. animated explainer videos give you extremely powerful tools for you to use in different ways to tell your story while appealing both to customers and search engines.

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