3D Animations

3D animations can really spice up your video. Instead of having your viewers watch a boring video, you can animate it and use simple, easy to understand analogies that make it fun and entertaining. The fact remains that people retain 58 percent more of your message when it is delivered visually, concisely and simply. Videos are also 60 percent more likely to drive people to your website when they are posted online.

When you choose to work with Illustrate IT!, you can be sure your videos are of the highest quality and the best 3D animations you have ever seen. We are passionate about producing high quality videos that represent your company in a respectable way. We also take pride in the videos we produce for you because it is a standard of excellence for the reputation of our own company. One of the best features we offer is that you own your video, not us, so we ask your permission to use the video in our marketing and advertising campaigns. That is why we strive to produce the best animated explainer videos possible.

We will explain the entire 3D animations production process to you from the brief all the way through to its delivery and file format. We start with asking you questions about your project. Questions include what problem does your company want to address and how are you different from your competition? Once we have your needs understood, we start the development of the script and storyboard. Following the development comes the voice over, video production and review. Once you approve of the video production, it gets sent to our sound engineers for sound effects. Finally, it is time for delivery of the final video to you. It may seem like a long process, but most videos are completed within four to six weeks. The best part is that we do everything in-house to save time and money and bring continuity to the entire project.

Using 3D animations makes your video messages simple and easy to understand. They are a great way to avoid misunderstanding because we use simple, yet effective analogies. Our creative team of animators, producers and artists are passionate about their work so you can rest assured that your video will be exactly what your company expects. We even have a management system so you can be a part of the production process every step of the way. You input is important to us and we want to make sure that we are making your visual message dreams a reality.

We look forward to speaking with you about your video and working with you to make the best animated video ever. Contact us today and learn more about 3D animations and how they will help clearly explain your message.

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