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Illustrate IT! is a 3D animation studio and video production company. We seek to make your ideas and messages into a visual reality with high quality explainer videos. We understand how difficult it can be to have others understand a complex idea or message. That is why bringing it to life through video with simple animations and graphics is a great way to clarify your message and make it easier to understand.

We are a 3D animation studio and an illustration company. Our passion for creating quality videos is reflected in our final work and your video will be no exception. We have a creative team of highly experienced producers, writers, artists and engineers. We love what we do and that contributes to our success time after time. Our reputation and your reputation are defined by the quality of work that we produce. Therefore, we only produce the highest quality videos that will meet your preferences and needs and deliver the outcomes your business expects and deserves.

We use simple analogies to help prevent misunderstandings. We seek to make your message clear and concise. Our creative 3D animation studio department works with passion to create graphics and images that are fun and entertaining. It has been proven that people will retain 58 percent more of a message when it is delivered visually as well as audibly. That is good news; especially when your message is important and you want to make sure your audience fully understands your message.

We will explain the entire production process to you from the brief all the way through to its delivery. We start with asking you questions about what your project. Once we understand what it is you want to say, we start the development of the script and storyboard. Following the development comes the voice over review, video production and video review. This is where the video starts to become reality. It then gets sent to our sound engineers for sound effects. Finally, it is time for delivery of the final video to you. This whole process takes about four to six weeks and we value your input every step of the way. That is why we are the best 3D animation studio to create your videos.

The best part is that once the production is done and your video is in your hands, you own it fully and completely. We do not retain any rights to your video. After all, it was your ideas that made the video a reality. We ask for your permission to use your video in our portfolio and part of our marketing campaigns. That is the type of 3D animation studio we are so contact us today to get started on your video.

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