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Here at Illustrate It, we’re a leading animated video agency. We’ve helped all kinds of companies create exciting, unique and informative videos that communicate the perfect message to their staff or customers. That’s just what we do.


However, if you’re not animation experts like us, we can understand that it’s not always easy to see how your business problems map onto the different video solutions that we offer. Don’t worry though – that’s why we’ve collated some information about our different animated video products, so you can better understand what a use case might be for each one of them.

We’re passionate about video and can turn any small idea into a captivating animation that will engage your specific audience. We can conceptualise your material in countless ways for a wide range of industries. No matter who your audience is or what topic you’re working with, you can put your trust in our talented in-house team to deliver excellence.


See for yourself, the types of videos we can produce for you.

Use case explained

Animated explainer videos are the perfect way to break down difficult concepts into something memorable and, most importantly, easy to digest. Using animation, text, music and key explainer video production techniques, we can work with you to create an infographic video that resonates with your audience and allows them to retain all of the vital information.

Sales video promotion needs to be concise, compelling and high-impact if it’s to strike a chord with a prospective client or customer, and that’s exactly the sort of thing we’re best at. Whether you want to go with a traditional motion graphics video or something animated and a bit more out-there, we can help you work out exactly what the client would like to see to ensure that they’re truly wowed by the presentation.

Homepage Videos

When someone lands on your website, you want to make sure that they stick around, and that’s exactly what a homepage video can do. Whether you want it simple or complex, we’re the video agency that can create an animation for you that gets to the heart of your business and leaves a lasting impression.

Demo videos

If you want to release a new product, you better be absolutely certain that your target market will understand exactly how to use it. And that’s what a product demo video is for. Using live footage and text or animation, we can create a simple step-by-step video that makes the complex seem simple.

Having the right training materials for your staff is absolutely essential if you want to make sure that they succeed at your company, which is why customer service training videos are so important. Informed by your requirements, our training video production team will make sure the end result is as engaging as it is informative.


Music Videos

The Illustrate It team have experience working with all kinds of different people, including music artists, so if you want to create an animated video that perfectly fits the vibe of your new song, we can help. Whether you know exactly what you want or need us to throw in some ideas, we’re happy either way.

Video production for schools and corporate companies is a great way to facilitate learning opportunities for those who are visual, creative learners. With our e-learning video production services, you can turn any tricky topic into a bite-sized, memorable educational video that children and adults alike will retain and enjoy. At Illustrate It, we can assist you with any educational video production idea you have and breathe life into e-learning.

Social Media Ad Videos

The best way to boost engagement for your brand is through social media advertising video. A strong video with a compelling story will grab the attention of the masses, and that’s where Illustrate It comes in. Our social media video production team have the wildest imaginations and the ability to generate powerful and punchy videos, helping our clients gain maximum impressions and leads.

Commercial Videos

Thanks to our commercial video production services, companies can nurture brand loyalty and inspire future customers, clients and investors with a short-form video communicating your mission statement. Commercial video production is an excellent way to inform, educate and get your brand under the noses of an audience that matters. 

YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

Trying to capture people’s attention on YouTube is no easy task. The user might not know who you are, and you have a limited amount of time to sell yourself. That’s where we come in. Our YouTube advertising agency can help you come up with the perfect animated pre-roll ad to quickly grab users’ attention and leave them wanting to find out more.

App & Product Demos

Sometimes telling is much harder than showing, which is why our product video production service is so popular. With your audience able to see the app or product in real life, they can gain a better understanding of what it’s all about.

The way you communicate with your staff is just as important as the way you communicate with customers, which is why investing in internal communications video production can be so effective. Why not create an animated video to celebrate a company milestone with your stuff, so you have something to market the celebration with?

Onboarding Videos

Starting a new company can be difficult, and understanding the culture even harder. However, with employee onboarding videos, this hurdle can be overcome a great deal quicker. Animation is the perfect companion for an onboarding video too, as it helps keep the tone lighthearted.

Marketing Videos

Creating and nurturing a brand is one of the most difficult aspects of creating a successful business, especially when there’s already so much noise out there online. If you need a team that can help you cut through it, get in touch with the experts at Illustrate It! Our animation experts will explore different styles and approaches to ensure we find the perfect tone to suit your brand.

Cartoon Series Videos

So your children’s book is a success – great! But if you want to reach as wide an audience as possible, you need to explore some different mediums. Turning your children’s book into a cartoon series is the next logical step, something which our cartoon animation company will certainly be able to help with!

Benefits of video with illustrate it

Illustrate It is an animated video agency with a passion for everything video. With a dedicated team of scriptwriters, graphic designers, and voice-over artists from all over the globe, we’re able to provide you with animations that are second to none. What’s more, we understand what it takes to ensure excellent customer satisfaction, which is why we provide:

  • Unlimited revisions
  • Quick turnaround
  • Dedicated project management
  • Quality and experience

Animated Video Agency

Our guarantee is that you won’t be disappointed, because with our service, you’ll be part of the journey every step of the way. After our initial meeting, we will draw up storyboards, write captivating scripts and generate spectacular graphics to best illustrate your message. No matter what idea you have in mind, speak with our talented international team to bring it to life. With a thirst for challenges, we welcome all. 


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