Why Use Training & E-Learning Videos?

Explainer videos are a very effective training tool, video grabs hold of your learner attention in a manner other mediums cannot. Audio combined with images allows learners to retain five times as much information as opposed to just hearing it, improving the ability to retain the message sent significantly. Training videos can be used on demand over many platforms 365 days a year inside and outside of the workplace. They can also be reused over and over again making them a great investment for any company.

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Animation helps to simplify complex topics

Animated video is a very effective training tool, video grabs hold of your learner attention in a manner other mediums cannot. Animated videos bring concepts to life that text or live video can’t. You can customize your videos and tailor them specific to your company’s training program. You can use a number of different styles to engage your learners including, infographics, cartoon or animation over live to cater for different learning abilities. It is also easy to add or update your learning video should your content change.

Video Increases Learner Engagement

Animation adds life to learning by making it effective and engaging through multi-sensory learning. Multi-sensory learning allows for deeper understanding and critical thinking enabling learners to grasp concepts more easily. The very nature of video is to entertain which is why 65% of learners retain more information visually than they do audibly. Video helps to reduce cognitive overload and maximises retention.

Helps Translate your Company Culture

You can tailor make your videos exactly inline with your business culture to convey your company’s personality & message. Whether it’s through the carefully crafted characters, emotive music or through the narrator’s dulcet tones you can translate your company message exactly the way you like. This can be particularly useful for company onboarding or an intro video for new hires or investors as well as connecting buyers to your product or service.

Enables Training Remote Teams

The medium of video allows you to train anytime and anywhere. This is perfect for multinational companies with a need to onboard and train new hires daily around the globe. From induction to process training, no matter where you are you can deliver the same information and convey your business ethos ensuring consistency of product knowledge and company culture worldwide.


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