What Our Happy Clients Are Saying About Us

“We gave Illustrate iT Video 10 out of 10 – Excellent customer service and delivery of a high-quality product. Have already recommended Illustrate iT to a friend and will continue to do so whenever a need arises.”
Christine Maggi
Web & Graphic Designer, @ Envoc
“We gave Illustrate iT Video 10 out of 10 – Very quick, efficient and spot on with telling the story, both visually and with the script. We are going to be hiring them for more videos!”
Melissa Telli
Director of Marketing & Communications, @ i2c Inc.
“Illustrate It utilizes an effective step-by-step process to translate customer vision to professional video. Easy to work with and highly responsive to client input.”
Larry Schwartz
Co-Founder/CEO, @ WorkFlex Solutions
“The team at Illustrate IT are highly skilled and extremely professional. Their creative team produced outstanding animated banner ads to support the national launch of one of our products. These ads have been a real success.”
Richard Farrell
CEO, @ Swell No More
“Wayne, on behalf of Compugen I want to thank you and your team for helping us produce the “MPS Print Video”. Not a lot of people have seen it yet, but I certainly hope will receive great reviews from viewers. Your team’s expertise and guidance through the production process was invaluable. Thanks!”
Mariel Alzola
Marketing, at Compugen
“This team is incredible! Illustrate iT will work with you at each step of the explainer video creation process to develop an exciting, sexy, effective way to perfectly encapsulate your big idea. They source the best in each aspect of the process and their experience and pride shine through. Moreover, Illustrate iT maximizes both time and cost efficiency. Just what the entrepreneur needs!”
Chuck Katis
Veritas Venture Fund, Mentagrate, Entrepreneur, Student-Athlete at Harvard University
“The Illustrate iT Video team is wonderful. They are very organized, pleasant, flexible, and their turnaround time is lightning fast. We were delighted with both the final product and the entire experience. “
Talia Page
“We have worked with the Illustrate iT team on a number of explainer videos and each time they approach our projects with the same level of quality and professionalism. They deliver a high quality product that is cost effective and time efficient. A great team to work with!”
Karen Fitzgerald
Marketing Supervisor , at Triton Digital
“The process was smooth, the writing was smart and effective and the end result was a video that tells our story really well. Thanks guys- you did a great job.”
Ken Monroe
Director of Sales and Operations, at Bib.com
“When on the hunt for illustrators for our children’s educational game, I watched every one of the Illustrate iT videos and said “This is the team I want”. Although our deliverable was to be an iPad app, Wayne and Eric had no reservations that they could create what we needed. The Illustrate iT team handled every one of our requests incredibly above and beyond our expectations. In fact, the assets we received were so much better than anticipated that large sections and functionality of the app were completely rewritten based upon these illustrations! And on top of that, they delivered every update so quickly that our development couldn’t keep up. Without question, the Illustrate iT team was awesome and amazing to work with, and they have absolutely contributed to our success!”
Patrick Seda
Creator of the Mr.Edison children's iPad app
“Wayne, Eric and the Illustrate iT Video team make creating high-impact and easy-to-understand videos painless. They have a proven process that is both quick and cost effective. I look forward to increased SEO and online conversions with the fantastic content they created. “
Aimee Head
Director of Marketing, at Krex, Inc.
“We couldn’t recommend the team at Illustrate It Video enough! Their creativity has truly blown us away in how they brought our story to life. They bent over backwards to make sure we were 100% satisfied with each part of the process before moving on to the next part. We’re so happy with the outcome of our video and only wish we would have done it sooner. Thanks again for all the great work you’ve done for us, and we know you’ll do for others as well.”
Bill Harney
Vice President at Keeping Current Matters, Greater New York City Area
“Every video that Illustrate iT puts out is immediately watched. Their storytelling and creative process is always beyond my expectations.”
Seth Louey
Creative Director, at MadGlory Interactive Albany, New York Area
“These guys are awesome! They worked on an explainer video for our brazilian startup and not only delivered the content on time but in portuguese! Their startup package gave us the opportunity to create an animation video to match the quality of a high-end production. We were not only satisfied with the end-result but also with the creation process, well-planned and scheduled, agile, and completely executed through the Internet. To top it off, they have a great team! Illustrate iT is highly recommended.”
Rodrigo Ferreira
Co-founder, CTO & Developer, at Pousadinhas.com.br Ltda Belo Horizonte Area, Brazil
“The Illustrate It team is a blend of creative, organized and detail oriented people. Their efficiency is impressive! The process was well managed and they kept the ball rolling to meet each project deadline. They were receptive to our input and making sure there were hints of the eZanga personality in the video. I’m so glad we found them before we took on the project ourselves! We have already decided to use them for our next video!”
Catrina Sharp
Marketing Manager , at eZanga Greater Philadelphia Area
“Getting our video up was pain-free with Illustrate iT. Very organized, detailed and of course – quality work!”
Mike Morton
CIO, VP of e-Media , Diversified Business Communcations, Toronto, Canada
"We have used the Illustrate iT Video to help us promote our Green4Good asset disposition program to our prospects with great success. The unique and original aspect of this tool cannot be understated. Illustrate iT Video brings great value to an organisation.”
Steve Glover
Senior Vice President , at Compugen Finance Canada
“Quality work – easy to deal with…on-time and on-budget. What more can a VP of marketing expect from a video partner!”
Paul Campaniello
Vice President, Global Marketing at ScaleBase, Greater Boston Area
“You guys are consummate professionals. From start to finish, you listened and delivered. We’re so thankful for the great work you put into QMedic’s video. We’ve been getting glowing reviews so far and it’s nice to finally provide an explanation that is simple, professional, and sharable. You can see the video on our website here–www.qmedichealth.com. I hope this is the start of a long relationship, and wish you all the best! I would be happy to refer those in my network looking for top-notch production services.”
Sombit Mishra
CEO, QMedicHealth
"As we know, Illustrate iT is an award winning explainer video company. I have always been very impressed with their work. Given this, I threw a challenge their way to see if they could take their creativity beyond the video and expand into the mobile application world. Without a doubt, Illustrate iT’s team more than delivered! They took our vision for an educational iPad app for kindergarteners and drove it past expectations. I am very pleased with the professionalism and creativity of their highly responsive team. I know that this is just the beginning of a great relationship. Looking very forward to collaborating on future mobile projects with Illustrate iT."
Dianna Seda
Mr. Edison App
“We have used Illustrate iT Video for several project now and have found they have a great process for learning about our solutions, the problem’s they solve and coming up with a very creative way to tell our story.”
Mae-ellen Gavin
Product Marketing Manager, Imprivata Inc.
“HealthWagers looked at a lot of concept video production firms before deciding on Illustrate iT Video. We just did not want a cartoony clip like so many of the others out on the web. Illustrate iT Video came through with a HealthWagers video that fit our brand and conveyed our message on time and on budget. From the scripting, voice over and final storyboard and illustrations produced by Faez – we got a production that’s been watched many times over by our Athlete community. Thanks again Illustrate iT for all you did for HealthWagers.”
Steve S. Harris, CEBS
CoFounder & President, HealthWagers
“Had a great experience working with Wayne and his team at Illustrate iT Video..most importantly, the feedback we have received on our video has been great!”
Rich Pappas
VP of Sales & Biz Dev, Proximal Data
“Our company, TheRedPin.com is disruptive by nature and is re-imagining the way you can buy and sell real estate. Since we do things differently, clear messaging is key to our success. We worked closely with the team at Illustrate iT to put a video together that would both demo our platform and get our message across. Although the project was complicated we found the Illustrate iT Video team to be super professional and responsive. They managed to cater to all of our needs and gathered all the right talents that would make a difference between a good and a great video. I am sure we’ll be doing more work with them in the future, and a big thanks to the team for all their hard work.”
Shayan Hamidi
CEO, TheRedPin.com
“Wayne, Eric and the entire team at Illustrate iT Video were wonderful to work with. At the beginning of our project, I think we created the longest project brief ever for them! But, they were able to distill most of our ramblings into a first draft video script that visually communicated a lot of what we were trying to say. That was definitely representative of our entire process with the whole team at Illustrate iT Video. We tried to be hands-on within reason to avoid endless version run-throughs and they were extremely receptive to our help and guidance. It was obvious at multiple points that the whole team there was really working hard to make sure our video was exactly what we wanted and that our target audience would relate to it. We really enjoyed dealing with all of the artists at Illustrate iT (and by artists I mean script writers, visual artists and voiceovers) and found them to be creative but still welcomed and used our feedback constructively. These guys produce one heck of a product for an extremely reasonable price! I’m glad we were able to find them in the mess of other overnight “demo” video companies that are somehow charging upwards of $15k to $20k!!!”
Danny Beck
“Illustrate iT Video has been wonderful to work with and the quality of the work speaks for itself. We were very impressed by the organization and professionalism throughout the entire project. Illustrate iT made the project fun to do. Will be working with Illustrate iT again for any future videos. Thanks again!!!”
Britney and Jacob
“Working with Illustrate It Video was a real pleasure and a terrific experience. They have built a “can’t miss” step-by-step recipe for terrific animation. Wayne and his team do a first-class job managing the entire process ultimately delivering a great finished product. We were looking for a simple yet creative way to tell our story and they nailed it. I strongly recommend this firm and hope to have the opportunity to work with them again.”
Steven Rubenstein
Founding Member, Third Party Marketers Association
“Illustrate iT Video truly exceeded our expectations. They were professional every step of the way, delivered with a great deal of creativity and met all deadlines. Working with them was a pleasure and we highly recommend their services.”
ClientNeeds Team
“Do you find that it’s sometimes complicated to describe your business to someone you’ve just met? Do you wish you could just boil everything down and explain your business quickly? If so, you should get Illustrate iT Video to put together an explainer video that will describe your business in terms that your target audience will quickly understand. That way, decision-makers will see that you understand their problem(s) and have the ability to help. Earlier this year, we needed a fun and engaging way for our website visitors to discover what we do, and how our service can help their business. The folks at Illustrate iT Video were eager to help, and quickly got up to speed on what we needed, put some concepts in front of us, and collaborated to deliver a fantastic video that perfectly sums up Southern Arc’s Plastic Injection Mold Restoration service. WHAT kind of service? You’ll just have to watch the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Hr6flesC_0 — we couldn’t have illustrated it better ourselves.”
Mike Hapner & Ken Kaye
Southern ARC
“Call2Action connects website owners with website visitors to drive a 60% increase in sales. We needed Call2Action’s message to connect with website owners. After an exhaustive search of alternatives, we chose Illustrate iT Video to tell our story.The response rates to the video Illustrate iT produced have been overwhelming. In 3 minutes, a technologically sophisticated product is explained simply and directly. A viewer understands what Call2Action is and why immediate implementation on their website is a must. As Da Vinci said, simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. Illustrate iT Video delivered an effective sales tool for us in an efficient manner. The Illustrate iT Video team is creative, responsive and organized. At the outset of the project, they delivered a detailed project plan with crisp timelines. They delivered on time, every time. The Illustrate iT team is a rare combination of artistic talent and precise execution.”
Steve Smithwick
President & Chief Operating Officer, Teledini.com
“These guys are real pros, every step of the way, from picking the right music track, the right narrator, to the right animation style and the right animator. We had what we thought was the perfect script but, Jude, one of their copywriters, tweaked a few things and made it awesome. Then, Wayne picked the most awesome narrator and put it on a temp track with some music he thought would work well. I still remember the thrill of listening to Kellie read our script. Wayne selected an artist to take over the animation. Again, it was a perfect match and we got exactly what we were looking for. The result is exactly what I had in mind, and I am very picky! Worth every penny! Thank you Wayne, Jude, Kellie, Jared and Eric for your excellent work. I have already referred you to a couple of people.”
Kim Pomares
“Working with Illustrate IT’s team was indeed a pleasure, we enjoyed the experience of working with such a talented, creative, and most importantly, a highly responsive team. Illustrate IT Video indeed provided a turn around service, right from the script, concept, characters, sound and everything. It’s an easy interactive experience working with them, while they take care of every aspect of the video. The team understood very clearly our objectives and worked along to deliver a video that exceeded our expectations.

The flow of the project to create the video was very smooth and was handled very efficiently. We have received great comments about the video created by this team and we look forward working with Illustrate IT Video in near future. We definitely recommend Illustrate IT Video!!”
Nitesh Chaudhary
Co-Founder, TurnTheCampus.com
“Wayne Ferris and his team are fantastic. They did a great work for us and they easily passed trough the language barrier (we are french). Amis francophones, vous pouvez leur faire confiance, ce sont d’excellents prestataires qui respectent leurs délais!”
Dylan Goubin-Dahan
“It was really great working with Wayne and the guys at Illustrate iT Video. They worked diligently to complete our video and the communication was perfect throughout the process. We can’t wait to work with them again.
Robert Thomas
CEO, Peddle Online
“Illustrate iT Video makes it easy to showcase your product in an approachable, humorous way. They are creative, cost-effective, and easy to work with. You get excellent results quickly, without the hassle and cost normally associated with creating product videos. I would definitely use them again.”
Peter Velikin
Vice President of Online Marketing, VeloBit, Inc.
“Ever since the ‘what is company xyz about’ videos came along, I have wanted one so badly. Unfortunately, they were way outside of my financial reach. When Wayne contacted me, I was instantly sold on his work and setup. After going through one full production cycle, I’m happy about the ease of the process and quality of the final product, as well as the great communication. I will use the service again for future projects.”
Sebastian Reichelt
“Wayne has been entirely managing the project and the team, making sure everything was coming up smoothly and on time. The ideas were creative, and Wayne has been solution-oriented during our collaboration. All in all, the project has been flawless, and it’s been a pleasure working with Wayne and the whole team.”
Michel Vermeulen
“Wayne and his team put together a fantastic two minute video for VMTurbo. He and his company worked quickly and generated a very high quality product. We collaborated and edited the video – a pleasure to work with and I plan to do further business with Wayne. Lou”
Lou Shipley
President & CEO, VMTurbo
“I wanted to formerly thank you and your team for producing a killer video for our website, and future marketing campaigns.We are a business that constantly needs to explain what we do, how we do it, and why it works… VPS hosting is not a normal dinner time conversation starter.We were looking for a way to jump into that conversation with potential customers and website browsers searching for some answers. The video Illustrate iT made is the perfect intro to our business.It sits as the welcoming mat on our website, and serves the function of greeter, explainer and educator. We have had awesome response from viewers, but also from our sales/marketing team as it gives us a new way to approach the conversation. We’ve even used it in speaking engagements and at trade shows as part of our strategy to engage and teach our audience about our services. Thanks again, we love iT!”
Christine Sheppard
Atum Corporation
“Wayne, Eric and the team are fantastic marketing partners. They’re creative work has been critical to our growth. They built four videos for us (www.circleback.com and http://bit.ly/wVvYCK) that are really delivering the results. In less that a month, they’re work improved our CPAs so much that the project paid for itself 2 times over. I highly recommend Wayne, Eric and the team. Check out the videos and you’ll be a fan too!”
Doug LaBahn
“When it comes to storytelling – illustrating a concept – no one does it better than Wayne Ferris! From writing to producing to animating you will simply not find a more creative mind! He is an artist in the truest sense of the word!”
Mike O'Brian
Professional Voice Actor, mikeobrianvoiceovers.com
“Wayne, Eric and the team at Illustrate iT are very talented, professional and incredible to work with. We had a great experience and the results were simply amazing. We’d definitely recommend these guys to anyone out there!”
John Xie
“I have had the satisfaction of working with Illustrate iT Inc. the past 3 months to design a video that articulates Compugen Technology Lifecycle Solution offerings. The intent was to create another vehicle to connect with customers and to increase traffic. Illustrate iT Inc. was selected after reviewing the videos they created and credible references. Creating a three minute video requires quite a bit of work. There is a systematic process that you are taken through; it starts with putting together the right team to create the script. During the entire process Illustrate took the time to comprehend our requirements and drew on everyone involved to deliver the requirements at each stage. Each project plan milestone was delivered on time and there was a continued stream of communication how the project was progressing. It was extremely clear during the entire process you knew they would deliver and provide a video customers can connect to. I have enjoyed working with Illustrate iT inc and I would not hesitate to use their services again”.
Luis Lima
Technical Services National Director, Compugen
“Wayne has developed a group of highly skilled individuals that make up his company, they are…nothing short of exemplary. His keen eye on business, has made him a power to reckon with when it comes to multimedia presentation and representing customers on a global scale. I was fortunate, as a Voice Over Talent, to have auditioned for one of his projects. Based on my experience and conversations with Wayne, the directives I received and the planning that was required on his end to make it happen, I can honestly say… I have yet to see a more hard working, devoted, extremely well organized, and meticulously artistic, business individual. Anyone who has a need for a multimedia or web-based media presentation owes it to themselves to use Wayne’s know-how , devotion and quest for perfection that is reflected through his company called Illustrate it …and hire them!”
Claudio Napoleoni
Voice Over Talent- Corp presentations & Documentary Narrator,
broadcasting, Radio & TV ads- voicing, CN VoiceOvers
“It was such a pleasure, not to mention fun, to work with Wayne and his team at Illustrate iT! They were able to take the info I provided them about LASIK, Dr. Mozayeni, and Providence Eye & Laser Specialists and incorporate it all into a fun and informative video that not only educates perspective patients but helps calm their fears. I had a great time working on the the project and an even better time showing off the final product everywhere I can. I highly recommend Wayne and his team.” August 31, 2011
Kristen Mozayeni
Marketing , Providence Eye
“It was a pleasure to work with Wayne and the rest of the team at IllustrateIT. The engagement with Wayne was great fun and he sought to understanding detail how our company ‘ticked’ and not just what we wanted from a video but Why we wanted it and how it fitted within our culture and organisational strategy. Wayne worked hard to understand how our vision for the video and our creative ideas could be translated into reality and has done an awesome job in creating something we can all be very proud of. I wouldn’t hesitate working with Wayne again!” July 18, 2011
Ant Clay
Chief Strategy Officer, 21apps
“Thank you very much, for everything!!!!! From me and all the Kawet team!! We are really, really, really happy with the result, I mean, everybody! We are sure this is going to be a very good promotion tool for us for the next announcements. We have very good projections for the next months, and we are so so so glad to have this video to back this plan up. Like, people are going to talk about us thanks to this video, and we’ll be able to say to some others: “you don’t know what cashew is? check our video out :)” Well, it was a real pleasure to work with you guys, I really really enjoyed it. At first it was me, pushing this idea of a promotional video, my mates/associates were like, sceptical. But hey, they are absolutely delighted with the result :))) So again, thanks for everything. But lets keep in touch of course! I hope we’re gonna have the chance to meet together soon or later, and have some drinks together! I downloaded this video straight from bed this morning 🙂
I was waiting for it to finalize my Keynote presentation for tomorrow. Perfect timing!!! The past last days were very very busy, but the end is almost here! My presentation is going to rock tomorrow, I’m starting with your video: awesome way to captivate the audience! 100 VCs, people from Google, Facebook, Microsoft.. We are going to rock the stage, and you will too, you should expect some emails or calls in the next days I guess (hope!) 🙂
So, yeah the keynote yesterday was fantastic! I was galvanized by the event and made a great presentation! And you know what, the whole audience applauded at the end of the video! 🙂 It make my job so much easier afterwards.. I was even relax enough to make some jokes! So, great presentation, and some nice contacts afterwards. People loved the presentation, but more important, the product (this is much easier to rock the stage with a great product!).And a lot (A LOT!) of people asked about you at the cocktails afterwards…! Who are you, from where, etc.. We might go to London to another VCs presentation next month, still with this video!

Thanks again for everything guys, awesome job and awesome team!”
Benjamin Hardy
Co-Founder, Kawet
“I cannot say enough great things about the incredible team at Illustrate It. Unbelievably creative, super hard working, immensely talented – our video ended up even better than we had hoped for and Illustrate It brought it in on a very tight schedule. For any company looking to explain their product or service in a clear, fun and engaging manner, Illustrate It should be their first phone call.”
Jason Griffith
Co-Founder, SiteCompli

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