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Branding Video

Brand Building

A great way to achieve brand building is with an animated explainer video. These videos are great for the home page of your website and can simply explain your value proposition, visual FAQs, how non-profit funds are used and more. They use simple analogies and graphics to deliver your message or idea in a fun and entertaining way. They are designed to exemplify and enlighten your audience while capturing...

Brand Design

Every single business has a brand design. Your brand is more than a name or logo. It is the experience that a company creates with its employees, customers, communities and more. It is the feeling or image a customer gets when your brand is mentioned or seen. It is that first impression, that snap judgment and the recall of your brand. If you portray a poor brand image, then...

Brand Strategy

A good brand strategy is one that drives customers to your website or place of business. It puts your company and name at the top of the list and the forefront of your customers’ minds. Your brand creates an experience for your customers. It is more than just a name or a logo. It is what you stand for and the message you deliver. It is important that your...