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What sets us apart is our outstanding international team of script writers, graphic designers.

As one of the UK’s leading animated video production companies, we are proud to be able to offer a wealth of styles to choose from when it comes to creating animated videos for your business.

Why Video?

Video is the perfect medium. It’s dynamic, multi-faceted and allows for complex forms of expression. For many of us, watching a video isn’t just more fun than reading a block of text, it’s more useful too. We’re more engaged, we retain more, and all we have to do is sit back and absorb it. This is what makes corporate animation videos perfect for product launches and other promotional occasions – we can learn everything we need to know in a short space of time and have fun while doing it. Simple.

At Illustrate It, we create bespoke corporate videos for customers throughout the UK, utilising an array of different animation styles and techniques to suit the project at hand. From cartoon animation to motion graphics, you can be sure we have the skills and expertise to bring your ideas to life.

There are several styles of animation but the most popular that Illustrate It works with are 2D animation, cartoon animation, motion graphics, animation over live footage and animated infographic videos.

Let’s take a look at each style of animation in detail.

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2D animation is a traditional style that stems from the 1800s, once created by putting together numerous frames that differed slightly from one another to give the picture movement.

Over time, this lengthy animation process has been digitised, making it speedier and more efficient than ever before. And now, 2D animation isn’t just left up to Disney, it can be used for almost anything.

At Illustrate It, we’re the 2D animation company you can trust, as we can deliver exciting and engaging corporate videos – no matter what news, data or story you wish to communicate. We’re passionate about getting to the heart of your message and creating an animation that inspires and sticks with your audience.

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Cartoon animations are typically created using either static drawings, computer graphics, posed objects or models that are sequenced to recreate lifelike movement.

One sure-fire way to engage your employees and customers is through cartoon animation. Whether you want to deliver a message, explain something, provide training or something else entirely, our talented animation team will work alongside you to animate any concept and bring a unique touch to it.

Don’t just settle for any cartoon animation company, choose Illustrate It and let us create memorable videos that will resonate with your target audience.

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Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is a style of animation that amalgamates graphics, text, voiceover and music to tell a story, promote a product or explain a complex idea.

For example, you might want to create a motion graphics video to explain your company history, or create an awareness video about something going on in your industry.

Whatever you need to communicate, you can build trust with your employees, customers and visitors through clever and well-constructed sequences made by motion graphics company Illustrate It. We have a multi-disciplinary team of script writers, graphic designers and voice over artists that will work hard to truly understand your business and vision for the video.

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Infographic videos are a high-compact form of content marketing and are the perfect way to distill important information into a memorable, easy-to-digest package.

If you’re looking to inform your customers about an exciting new development in the business, explain a tricky concept or even just entertain them with some fascinating data and statistics, an animated infographic video could be just the way to do it.

The Illustrate It team has a wealth of experience when it comes to creating animation infographic videos for all kinds of corporate animation needs. Whether you have a clear vision for the video that you would like us to execute, or you just have some data that you would like us to pick up and run with, we are comfortable adapting to you.

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Animation over live footage is exactly what the name suggests – a combination of live action filmmaking with animations on top.

In many films today you’re likely to see animation over live footage, sometimes it’s in the form of something small like visible text messages that pop up on screen and other times it’ll be entire character animations.

At Illustrate It, we’re a video animation company that takes pride in our ability to flex our creative muscles. We’re able to tackle all of the different weird and wonderful ideas that are presented to us, and we’re always ready to push our animations up a notch. You needn’t just take our word for it either. We have produced thousands of videos for start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organisations and marketing agencies too. To better understand animated videos for business, browse through our portfolio and get inspired.

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