Why Use Sales Videos?

Video Animation is a great vehicle to dramatically increase customer engagement and sales of your product or service. Not only do you get to show off your company’s personality in a meaningful and humorous way but the power of animation allows you to quickly build a connection with your prospect by evoking emotion through the art of storytelling. Here are a few of the benefits;

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Great Elevator Pitch

Explainer videos give you a unique opportunity to introduce your company, demonstrate your product or service and highlight their best features all in just 90 seconds! Great right! Animation allows you to break down complex ideas into simple stories and communicate them directly to your audience through a number of platforms.

The Problem-Solution Formula

In order for your prospect to invest in your product or service they need to first identify with a problem they may not know exists. Enter Explainer Video! Through carefully crafted scripting, our explainer videos present your business message by introducing the problem, highlighting the solution and then demonstrating the key features and benefits of the product. Your enlightened prospect now becomes a buyer of a product they didn’t know existed and more importantly cannot live without.

Increase SEO

The more awesome your video is, the more popularity it will gain, the higher it will rank on Google. Simple! The higher your company ranks on Google the more traffic and brand exposure you will receive. Animated videos engage your clients, urge them to stay on your website longer and reduce bounce rates.

Builds Customer Loyalty

The key to a good explainer video is the emotional connection established between the customer and the brand. The combination of a humorous & meaningful script and the emotive music that goes with it you will be able to leave a lasting imprint on your customer that sets you apart from your competition making them feel more connected to your brand.


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