Quick Tips for an Effective Explainer Video

quick tips for an effective explainer video

An explainer video, also described as a how-to video, when properly executed, has the power to engage your audience and start the trust factor that is so important when building a long-lasting relationship. If you want to be seen as the expert on a topic, follow these quick tips when producing the video and you’ll be on your way to standing out in your industry:

  • Brainstorm till you come up with a great idea. What do you do in your business that you want your viewers to better understand and that would interest them? You want to showcase your expertise in your field while providing them with the answers they need.
  • Tell them more about the topic instead of why you’re sharing it. Your viewers don’t really care why you are giving them an explainer video, why they should watch it, or even why the topic is important. Get right into details, avoid jargon, and keep your company’s brand and tone in mind. Be sure not to make assumptions about what your audience does or doesn’t know already. If there is anything confusing or complex, be sure to explain it.
  • Don’t put them to sleep. Skip the long, drawn out explanations. Keep it simple and exciting. You want your audience to be on the edge of their seat waiting for the next wonderful step you’ll tell them about. If you do have a multi-stage topic to discuss, consider having several separate videos to make it more digestible. Don’t forget to have fun. If your viewers see you are enjoying yourself, they’ll be more likely to enjoy themselves as well.
  • Don’t forget to summarize occasionally. You want to be sure your audience is keeping up with you and staying engaged. Take a moment here and there to recap and reinforce the main takeaways of your explainer video.

We utilize these tips and more when we work with you to create an explainer video for your company. Our team here at Illustrate It prides ourselves on creating custom video for each client that fits their brand and style. Give us a call today!


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