Video Production, Seattle, WA

We offer many types of video productions, so you can choose the best for your Seattle company.

Video Production, Seattle, WAEveryone knows those little videos that pop up on Facebook and other networking sites are intriguing. We simply love to watch a well-done video! Here at Illustrate It, we recognize what a powerful tool video marketing has become, and that is why we have many talented people who specialize in video production. Video production is the process of creating a movie digitally instead of on film, and we have many types of video production to meet the needs of your company, some of which include:

  • Character Animation VideosNot all videos need to have flesh and blood actors or real products; sometimes a cartoon character will do just as well, if not better! Additionally, there’s the added bonus that a cartoon character will never throw a fit and lock themselves in their dressing room. Just saying.
  • Motion Graphic Videos- Motion graphic videos are designed to keep your eye on the screen with a series of shots that move the video into your line of sight. These transfixing videos can be made for most any product, but don’t worry– every one of them is unique.
  • Papercraft VideosRemember the hypnotic opening scene of old Disney movies that starts with the opening of a storybook? Papercraft videos are somewhat similar in that we use real-life paper cut and crafted to your specific vision in order to tell a story via video. Paper and video together? That’s what we call collaboration.
  • Live Action VideosSometimes there’s no substitute for the real thing, and if you want to show off the place you work in all its glory, we want to ensure that it looks amazing.

These are just a taste of the many types of video productions that we can provide your Seattle, Washington business. If you’d like to see more of what we can do, be sure to visit our website or give us a call for a quote. We would love to work with you!




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