Why Use HR & Communication Videos?

Animated video can be a great way to efficiently and effectively disseminate important internal communications company wide. Whilst engaging your employees with key information getting the message across directly with your companies values in mind, the information can be used again and again and tweaked if necessary making it a great investment for any business.

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Develop Employee Skills

For IT and tech industries, where regular skill updates are required, it is essential that employees have quick and easy access to learning. Video is a great way to engage your employees in a fun and entertaining way, it is interactive and can be tweaked to your specific training needs and updated regularly when required. It can be used on demand and can be watched many times over until the message is understood.

Safety Awareness

Simple safety messages are conveyed easier through video. You can easily break down complex ideas into simple and meaningful bitesize messages in which you can directly disseminate to your employees. This is particularly useful in the medical industry where new safety procedures are updated and rolled out regularly and at short notice.

Roll out new work process & policies

Whether it’s a newly refined customer service process, a company milestone or even a merger that has just taken place between two companies, video animation is a great way to get new information out to your employees efficiently and simultaneously. Video is one of the best ways to share knowledge company wide to ensure consistency and avoid misinterpretation.

Etiquette Training

No need for those awkward HR etiquette conversations anymore, videos are an effective way to convey company policy and standards in a fun and humorous way. From company uniform, pantry etiquette, toilet use to sexual harassment, video will allow you to get those all important messages across directly with no embarrassment, misinterpretation or confusion.


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