FAQ Posted by Illustrate It October 19th, 2015



How Long Does It Take?

A simple 1-3 minute Illustrate iT Video project takes around 4 to 6 weeks to complete from start to finish. We can move faster if you have a tight deadline in some cases, however this accelerated process will also depend on timely client feedback at every stage of the project.

Our project is confidential. Will you sign an NDA?

Of course we will! Your secret is safe with us.

Will I Own The Rights To The Work?

Of course you do. We ask if we can display your “explanatory video” in our “portfolio” and social media platforms. Our clients don’t mind, as it’s simply more exposure and free publicity for them.

How do I know what style to use?

We can make your explanatory video in any style depending our your personal preference and needs. We offer whiteboard explanatory videos, motion graphic videos and animated explainer videos.

What Formats Will You Deliver Our Explainer Video?

We deliver the most current rendered file formats, however all files formats are available upon request (There is an additional fee for source files).

Do you only offer promotional videos for companies?

No. Illustrate iT Videos are videos that visualize any message and do not always need to have a purely commercial or promotional angle. Illustrate iT videos could be used to explain a complex concept in an interesting way, show people how something works, describe how a non-profit organization uses its funds, visual FAQ’s, internal training, info-graphics etc. If there’s a need for people to get ‘iT’, there’s an opportunity to create an Illustrate iT Video.

Do You Work With Clients Outside Of The U.S. & Canada?

Yes, of course. We work with clients world-wide and can easily create an Illustrate iT Video with a British, Australian, German, Spanish narrator, or whatever accent you require. We have translators for script and on screen text in any language!

We’re a marketing/ad agency but we don’t have the capacity to quickly and affordably produce these types of videos. Could we outsource this work to your company?

Yes. We work as a supplier to a number of other marketing or ad agencies, we can definitely offer ‘white labeled services’.