Why Use Explainer Videos?

An animation video is a fun and entertaining way to get your message across in a clear and succinct manner. Complex messages can be made simple with explanatory videos. Whether you need to get across your company’s value proposition, train your employees or sell to your customers, videos are a great way to simplify your message and make it easier for your audience to remember.

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You can get Creative

This is your chance to give your audience something meaningful that will evoke emotions and create a memorable experience. Using an explainer video allows customers to see not only products, but also personalities. We can help to convey your company tone through a carefully crafted script, use visuals that reflect your brand character and use a narrator that best reflects your companies ‘voice’.

Can be used anywhere

Once the video has been created you can share it across many platforms multiple times making it a great company investment. You can use it on your homepage, share on your social platforms, upload on your YouTube channel or send direct to client emails. Why stop there? With the success of your first video why not make a campaign? Explainer videos do not only help explain a product or brand but also company updates, new website or the launch of a mass recruitment campaign.

Prove your worth

Explainer videos also give you a chance to prove your value with visually represented statistics, testimonials and the mention of bands you have worked with. It also enables you to demonstrate the key features and benefits of your product first hand giving your audience confidence and a sense of the ‘try before you buy’ appeal.

Attention Grabbing

Videos combine the best of all content worlds. They implement visuals, sound, and text. This is why web users click videos 41% more than a text link. With the luring appeal of stunning visuals and emotive sounds this unique combination will captivate your audience keeping them hooked and engaged.

Creates Emotion

Cartoon animation is a powerful catalyst to evoke emotions. Most of us connected with cartoons when we were younger and that character appeal resonates with us as adults creating a feeling of nostalgia and joy. This acts as a powerful combo when connecting to a new brand, product or service giving the customer a feeling of confidence and familiarity. From the customer character design, emotive music and distinct voiceover, explainer videos have a unique and powerful persuasiveness.


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