Why Use Customer Services Videos?

Video is a brilliant resource when it comes to supporting your customers. It’s a smart investment to empower your customers with the knowledge and tools to resolve their own problems and further demonstrates your value offering. Welcome or Onboarding videos are proven to increase customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty which leads to increased customer retention and a reduction in the amount of support queries you have to deal with, here’s’ how;

Play Video
Play Video
Play Video

Product Service Demonstration

An explainer video is the best way to show off your product or service and demonstrate the key features, informing, educating & inspiring your new customer. Animation allows you to break complex ideas down into easily understandable bitesize information giving your customer a quick demo on how they can get the best out of their new interface. It’s available on demand which means your customers can have access to the tools & information 24/7 and go at a learning pace that suits them.

Welcome Onboarding Videos

Welcome videos allow your company to create that great first impression that sets the tone of the customer journey from day one. It allows the customer to familiarise themselves with the service interface and instantly builds brand trust & loyalty. Welcome videos are typically sent via email directly to the customer, you can even personalise each video with your specific customer details increasing engagement and setting that personal tone. Creating videos that improve the customer experience will enhance customer retention.

‘How to’ Videos

Although AI is integrated into most customer service functions, it is not always the best medium for communicating complex ideas and helping overcome more complex issues. Short explainer videos are a great way to educate and update your customers with information, whether it’s demonstrating the key features of a new app, overcoming a common functionality problem or a service update there is no better way than via a short, sharp concise ‘how to’ video which can be integrated into your pop-up’s or message alerts calling to action important information.


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