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Using animation is an entertaining and clever way to advertise your product or service.

Commercial video production allows businesses and brands to portray themselves in ways that physical filming can’t. Animation allows you to break down complex ideas into simple stories and communicate them directly to your audience.

Commercial Video Production Benefits at Illustrate It.

Fully Customised – Custom animation allows you to convey your brand’s personality that will set your business apart from the competition. By building out each scene from scratch and adding unique characters specific to your company ethos you can communicate your company message and value that you cannot capture through live video.

Cost Effective – Animated video production is a very cost effective form of advertising. At Illustrate It we have a full inhouse team that handles the entire project from start to finish including; the script and storyboard development, the voice-over review and video production, all the way through to the final revisions and sign off. There’s no need to consider costs for a crew, set, make up, talent, editors and much more that live video would require.

Creative – You can be as creative as you want, the options are limitless, without having to worry about physical limitations that a live commercial faces. What’s more, you can guarantee that our talented animation team will come up with fresh ideas that will cleverly break down any tough brief and transform it into something that’s fun, easy to consume and memorable.

Gain a better understanding of what our commercial videos look like and see for yourself what we could do for you.
Watch our example commercial video below!

Benefits of video with Illustrate It

Boost your sales and enjoy business growth with your animation partner, Illustrate It. With talented and experienced scriptwriters, graphic designers, and voice-over artists from all over the globe, we’re well equipped to produce an explainer video that presents your company in the best light and resonates with your target audience.



Dedicated Project Management.

Quality And

With a wealth of experience within the animation industry, you can put your trust in our top talent at Illustrate It to deliver an animated commercial video that’s shareable, holds viewers’ attention, boosts conversions, and reflects your brand’s culture and personality perfectly.

Our process is simple. We will have a kick-off call to better understand your brand, what makes it special, the message you want to convey and the best style of animation video for your needs. We will then collaborate internally and put together a script and storyboard for you to review. Once happy, we will audition over 80 voice-over artists to provide you with our top two, based on your vision and requirements. After that, our creatives will be underway with the video production, ready for signoff within your specified timeframe.

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