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Imprivata EPCS Explainer Video

Client Comments Imprivata EPCS – Explainer Video Script America is facing a national public health crisis: prescription drug abuse. Prescription medication overdoses are responsible for more than 22,000 deaths a year, more than twice as many as cocaine and heroin combined. The use of paper prescriptions for these highly addictive controlled substances only compounds the problem as drug diversion caused by altered, stolen, and fraudulent paper-based prescriptions continues to...

yieldwerx Explainer Video

Client Comments yieldWerx – Explainer Video Script In the semiconductor industry, ramping new products to market and minimizing yield loss are major concerns. But many companies spend more time trying to capture and track data than they do actually analyzing the data, solving problems, and implementing fixes. What’s needed is a true end-to-end solution that leverages cross-operational test data, and leads to real yield-boosting results, ramping your product to...