What Makes A Good Client? Know Your Product

If you were in an elevator, and the person beside you asked, “so, what do you do?” and you had less than 8 floors to explain yourself and your business… could you do it?

Illustrate iT Video gives you a little more than 8 floors when you become a client, but you should be able to break down your business and what you ‘do’ just in case the opportunity arises.The most successful client is the one who can give us an ‘elevator pitch’ or an overview of their business in our team kick off sessions. If it isn’t clear, it will take more time and back and forth rewrites to put together the perfect video for your site. If you can’t explain it, we can’t explain it… and your potential clients won’t get it in less than 2 minutes.

The best tip we can give you before producing an explanatory videowith us, is to put together an elevator pitch for your business before the official kick off call with our team. As a guideline, try answering these questions:

1. What is the main problem your business addresses?

2. What is the solution you offer for this problem?

3. Why/how are you different from your competitors?

4. How can your customer benefit?

5. And finally, How does your customer sign up?

Let’s fill in the blanks with a dummy scenario…

Company: Phone Phuzzies

1. When the temperature drops, will your smartphone be protected? Phones
were not built to withstand harsh Canadian winters, and the extreme cold
could damage the screen, buttons and plastic exterior.

2. Phone Phuzzies are sweaters for your phone made from fleece and wool to
keep them warm in the severe winter weather!

3. Other phone covers are made of plastic, and will not protect your phone from
frigid temperatures.

4. If your phone freezes, you could spend hundreds of dollars on a new device…
with a Phone Phuzzy, you can save your phone before it freezes!

5. You can purchase a Phone Phuzzy in various designs and colours from our
website at www.phonephuzzy.com

By simply answering those 5 questions, your potential customer knows a) what
your product is b) why they ‘need’ it and c) how to get it.

Try it for yourself, and test it the next time you get into an elevator!

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