What Felix Can Teach Us About The Future Of Online Video…

Did you hold your breath for Felix Baumgartner this weekend? The world has been holding a collective breath for weeks as the death-defying stuntman planned a record setting free fall from space!

Our question is this: if you watched the stunt live….Where did you watch it?

Because about 8 million of us watched it streaming live on Youtube!

Talk about breaking records and setting a new bar! The most-watched live event previous to this was when 500,000 tuned in live for the Olympics.

The Baumgartner free fall tells us that not only are human beings still determined to find new ways to push the proverbial envelope, but that we are constantly designing new ways to engage with events. 8 million people wanted to watch this stunt take place, 8 million people went to the internet to see it.

Video is a HUGE part of what makes the internet the most powerful engagement tool of present day. Video connects people, tells the important stories, shares information and news, demonstrates new possibilities, makes announcements to the world – and perhaps most importantly, it continues to captivates people in astounding numbers.

How are you getting your message to the world? Shouldn’t video be part of that plan?

You don’t need to film the world’s greatest stunt like Baumgartner; you just need to tell your story to your audience. Guess where they all hang out? Reach them all online with a custom explainer video…

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