Video Production is Done . . . Now What Do I Do with the Video?

It is not unusual for some businesses to put the cart before the horse – meaning they enter video production before they have developed a plan for what to do with the video in the end. This really isn’t the best scenario because your videos should have been developed with the end game in mind. That said, it isn’t too late to determine what to do with the ones you have already. Even if you had a plan at the beginning, you may be wondering how to get your videos seen by more people, especially your target audience. Here are a few ways to get your video production in front of those eyes.

Video Production

1.   Put it on your website. A video on a landing page can be quite useful for increasing conversions and drawing more interest.

2.  Use paid placement advertising. While this can end up being quite expensive, it can be quite effective. Using options such as Facebook or Google AdWords puts your video where it has the best chance of being seen and acted upon.

3.  Use email. Take advantage of your newsletter relationships and customer base to send out your video if it is a small one, or if too large to embed or attach, you can send them a link to where it is embedded on YouTube or your website.

4.  Make it shareable. When viewers can share your video, you stand the chance of it “going viral” and reaching a huge number of potential customers. Be sure that you keep these types of videos short because people generally won’t share that which they don’t watch themselves because they lost interest before finishing it.

Video Production is Done . . . Now What Do I Do with the Video?

These are just a few tips for getting your video out there. When you turn to us at Illustrate It for your video production needs, we’ll develop your videos based on where you plan to use them and offer help in deciding where the best venues are for your situation. We’ll help you tell your story, so the world will want to see it!

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