Is Your Video Marketing Strategy Current?

If you set up your marketing strategy a few years ago, there is probably something that is missing – video marketing. Not only is this a vital part of reaching your target audience, but it must also be kept current to remain purposeful. Your business changes, and so do your customers.
Is Your Video Marketing Strategy Current
Here are a few components of your video marketing strategy to consider:

  1. What do you want to accomplish? The content of your video marketing is dependent on what you hope to achieve. You should know your audience and consider what they should take away from watching your video. Do you want to entertain? Educate? Excite? The choice is yours once you’ve outlined your target demographic and your goals. Often a video can address more than one approach at once.
  2. Outline the topics you want to cover and decide what type of video would work the best. There are numerous types of videos you can use, including character animation, motion graphic, papercraft, live action, whiteboard, webisode style, and explainer videos. Ideas for videos include how-to videos, support topics, company culture videos, customer testimonials, case studies, and product explanations.
  3. Finally, decide where your videos will camp out and how you will gauge their effectiveness. You will want to ascertain where they will best reach your target audience and have a plan in place for refreshing your video marketing regularly. You’ll also want to look at analytics to tell you how successful your videos are – how much of the audience watches the entire thing, for example, and whether they click through and take action.

Is Your Video Marketing Strategy Current?
Our team at Illustrate It can help you with a wide variety of videos for your video marketing campaign and help you with determining the best type for your business and what you want to accomplish. We do not do cookie-cutter work – your content fits you perfectly and evolves as your business changes. There are millions of videos out there, so it is our job to make sure yours stands out. Contact us today with any questions you have about our video marketing services, including video advertising, direct, and online video marketing.

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