Infographics: What They Are and What You Need to Know

infographicsThe ability to explain a large and complex topic by turning it into something compact and succinct is a skill that many people seem to lack. Anyone who has tried to explain a complicated topic to a small child realizes what a challenge this is. However, the ability to pare down a topic to its bare roots and still keep it interesting, insightful and accessible is crucial to the world of marketing since companies often only have a few seconds to catch the attention of their target audience. To make the most impact in the least amount of time, many people are turning to infographics as part of their marketing campaigns.

If you were to take a summation of your product and why someone should use it, print it up and put it in a magazine, how many people do you think would take the time to read it? Probably not many. In the world of flashy magazines, articles, pictures, a paragraph of words wouldn’t even make a dent to your target audience. Infographics, however, are much better suited to this task. An infographic is simply comprised of a few graphics artfully arranged with a series of interesting facts. These visually appealing forms of marketing do a wonderful job of grabbing the attention of viewers and convincing them to read more.

Infographics are items that you can search for using most search engines. In order to distinguish your infographics, you really need to consider choosing a professional design company in order to complete your work. While it is possible to have a computer create an infographic using a pre-determined pattern, discerning customers can easily spot these and disregard them as something they’ve seen before. Great graphic designers are needed to create a truly unique infographic for your business. Call us at Illustrate It for your next infographic — we always complete our work from scratch!

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