Common Myths about SEO Your Brand Needs to Leave Behind

SEOAt Illustrate It, we offer a number of different services that can help your brand improve its digital footprint, including SEO. If your business still hasn’t tried out SEO because of what you’ve heard about it, here are some common myths about it that simply aren’t true:


  • It takes too long to get results—Although pay-per-click (PPC) generates instant results, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore SEO. While it does take some time to see the results from an SEO campaign, building these efforts will provide your website with a lasting foundation that can’t be accomplished with just PPC.
  • It doesn’t work—Today, tons of consumers start off their purchase by doing a search in a search engine. If your website isn’t ranking well, you might miss out on an opportunity to make a new customer.
  • There’s no way to stay on top of it—It’s true that SEO changes hundreds of times a year, thanks to changes Google makes to its algorithm. However, this doesn’t mean that every time a change happens, your website will lose its rankings. This is also why using SEO tactics that can withstand small changes by Google is so important.
  • Social activity doesn’t matter—Google doesn’t use Twitter follows and Facebook shares when they’re calculating search rankings. However, boosting your presence on social sites can be a valuable part of your secondary SEO efforts because it addresses content distribution, as well as indexation and discovery by search engines.

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