Can You KISS?

Can you KISS?

It has often been said that if you can’t explain your company to a 6 six year old, you don’t really know your business. The advertising industry will tell you that you should be able to sum up your business in a ‘one liner’ with the least amount of words- the better! If you’re a Twitter-user, you’ve only got 140 characters with which to tell you message to the Twitter-verse.

These days, you need to master the art of… KISS: Keep it Simple… Stupid. Or, Keep it Super Simple.

If you find it difficult to keep your message short and simple – an animated video might be the BEST way to communicate your business. The most effective videos are between 1-2.5 minutes long – forcing you to KISS. But as every teacher knows – most of us are visual learners. It’s not enough just to say something; it’s much easier to ‘KISS’ if your message is accompanied by a memorable visual.

That’s where WE come in! Our writers will help you cut down your message so that the most important points fit into a 1-2.5 minute video. Then, our animators will help bring that message to LIFE with images that will make the MOST of every word.

Your custom animated explainer video will be a super-simple, easily sharable and an extremely effective way to promote or explain your business.

Create a message even a 6 year old will understand.

Take a look at how we’ve helped our clients KISS (keep it super-simple!), and ask us how we can help you KISS too!

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