Working in a Virtual World..

Finding Value in a Virtual Team really seems simple when you think about iT..

Illustrate iT Video employs a team of virtual artists who work together to produce your custom animated video. We’ve been asked before… Why do we use a virtual team?

There are a few really good answers to that question.

The first is that location can be restricted.

We’ve assembled a group of talented writers, animation artists, voice actors, sound techs etc. entirely based on their skill and proficiency… not by their geographical location to the rest of the team. We have team members in all parts of the country, and even beyond the Canadian border! Each team member brings their unique abilities to a project, without location being an obstacle.

If employed a team traditionally, we would be forced to find high quality talent in a fixed region, and ask them to come into an office that may or may not be an ideal location. It is restricting, and we don’t want to eliminate talent based on physical distance.

We’d much rather open the doors to fresh, innovative and inspired artists from any corner of the continent! The magic of the Internet (BasecampHQ, Dropbox, Skype/GotoMeeting, Google docs & Wistia) makes it possible for any team member to sit in on calls, discuss direction and notes, interact with the client and team members, and of course, participate in the uploading and editing of project deliverables.

Just as our clients from anywhere in the world can interact with our team and get actively involved in each stage of the project, our team can work together and with our clients in an efficient worldwide office.

One of the biggest bonuses to working in a virtual team environment is eliminating location as a restriction for talent and the ability to work together.

The second and more important reason is cost savings.

Working virtually allows Illustrate iT Video to pass on significant savings to our clients. Having a virtual office/studio means much of the project budget is allocated towards your project and not office space (and all that having an office entails) such as property taxes, utility bills, equipment, software and supplies to name a few. We are light on management and heavy on creative minds, all dedicated to working on your awesome video, so in short the money you spend on an Illustrate iT Video, actually goes into developing YOUR video…Period!

We are forward thinkers ready for the next office rather than a new one, let’s talk about making a virtual video in OUR virtual office!

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