Why Not Sneak a Video Into Your Next Press Release?

Maybe you haven’t yet noticed that many online news wire and PR distribution networks offer you the opportunity to upload a video file or link to a video posted on YouTube. Keep your eye out for this option listed as a feature on premium accounts or paid distribution services. It could be well worthwhile if you’re looking to get valuable pick-up or media mentions.


It’s no secret that Press, Journalists and Media outlets love video. Think about how many press releases flood their inboxes every day. You’ve got to do more to stand out!


In the past, the only thing you could do enhance your press releases was include photos or links to your website, now you can take it a step further by adding interactive video content. Video gets more clicks, better readership, and more conversion than any other marketing tool.


Try adding video to your PR in a few simple ways:


In the body content: Include links or embed a video file within the main body content of your press release. When you’re promoting a product launch, telling a success story or even announcing an award, use your video to explainIT and provide a 2-minute animation to generate excitement about your product and brand.


Add media files/links or attachments: Even free Press Release services will allow you to upload attachments in the form of image files or links. Try uploading a video instead of a photo, or including a link to your YouTube channel instead of just to your homepage. If you’re sending an email directly to a media contact, attach both your press release and a video file to view.


Include in your company boilerplate: Spruce up your “About the Company” section by inserting the URL to your YouTube channel. It’s not enough to include social links, chances are, journalists are not willing to spend time checking your page on Facebook. However, statistics continue to show that videos are hard to pass up!

In your email signature: Update your email signature to include a link to your YouTube channel, and perhaps even a call to action, something as simple as “take 2 minutes to watch our company video!” might just do the trick. Expose your video to everyone you contact via email…every day!

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