Why Explainer Videos Are Eventful Too!

Explainer videos are used most often for inbound marketing – using content to draw moths to the flame, or the brand. Video content is favoured by Google, so it definitely supports an SEO strategy. Video enhances and increases on-page metrics, which often leads to a spike in conversion rates. But video is just as effective, if not more, in a face-to-face high traffic environment like a trade show or conference event.

Our clients use their Explainer videos as part of a lead generation strategy when they go to trade shows and events. With Trade Show season officially ramping up for many of our clients, we thought we’d write a post about how to use YOUR video to make a scene at your next event!

Why is video the perfect companion to a booth at a trade show?

It’s so simple, it’s almost silly. Our eyes are attracted by movement. A moving image on a screen will attract a passerby to stop (even for a brief moment) to find out what the movement is telling them. Put your video up on a big screen, or go even simpler by setting up a tablet on a table/counter. Stick a sales person close to the video to catch the wandering eyes, or engage in conversation as people stop to watch your video.

Explainer videos are short, punchy and rely on mostly visuals to tell the ‘story’. In an event scenario, people are walking by booths and deciding within seconds whether or not to stop or head towards the booth with the candy. No one will stop to watch a 10 minute video, but many will be interested enough in your product/service to watch a 90 second explanation. Put your short video on a loop all day, the images will speak for themselves… which is particularly advantageous in a loud, high volume traffic area.

The video content is easily shareable and accessible even after the event. Put a link to watch the video on your event materials. People may not have been able to hear the voice over clearly, or may not have had the time to stop… but they can always watch the video online from your website or social network channels. You can expect residual effects and leads to come after the show!

Lastly, a video may catch the attention and interest of people your sales people couldn’t ‘catch’. Face it; even with 3-5 over-achieving salespeople manning your booth, they will never be able to have a one-on-one with everyone that passes by. Your video is an extra sales-person in your booth.

So take your video with you the next time you go to a trade show or event. It’s just another way to get serious mileage out of your custom Explainer video.

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