Where Did My Creativity Go?

Do you ever find it hard to turn on your creativity? For some of us, it is our ‘job’ to be creative, but just like a case of writer’s block – a creative funk can be hard to shake.


Here are some tips to kick-start your creative juices when they just ain’t flowing:


Take a hike

Remove yourself from your environment, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone down 12 floors in an elevator simply to pace the lobby for 5 minutes and come back with a totally new perspective on a situation. Give your mind a break from the walls and view from your desk that create visual obstacles.


Find creative company

Don’t be a solitary genius. Find someone to bounce ideas off of, and be open to hearing their opinions and suggestions. Often, they won’t just be a sounding board; they will be able to spark new ideas to take your idea in new directions. Go for a walk or coffee with an impartial creative ally and you’ll be surprised what they can bring to the table.


Get a soundtrack

Did you know you use both sides of your brain when you play music? If you can force your brain to work on all cylinders, and it can only help to open up your mind to its full creative spectrum. If you don’t play an instrument, make a mix of your favourite songs, turn up the volume and sing along (make sure you’re alone…)!


Be absurd

Don’t try to place meaning, just allow your mind to accept absurdity. You can do this by reading abstract poems or stories- like The Jabberwocky or The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll. The more you allow yourself to discover absurd or surreal ideas, the less resistance you will get from the sensible side of your brain.


Forge a new path

Put to bed the themes you have been working on and change direction completely. Start in an entirely new direction and forget about the path you had been walking – you can always come back to it, but at least you’ve explored other ideas without tunnel vision.


Don’t miss a thing

I always say, the best ideas wont let you sleep at night – so make sure you don’t miss any brainwaves. Keep a notebook by your bed to capture the thoughts that you may forget in the morning, or after a long bout of tossing and turning. Not only will it ease your mind to know you won’t lose those late-night ideas, they may turn into winners when you re-read them in the morning!


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