What the Process Our Video Production Company Uses is All About

blog what the process our video production company uses is all aboutAt Illustrate It, our video production company does things differently, and that’s a good thing. Since we’re all about making your passion come to life, one of the main things our video production company does that’s a little bit out of the norm is using a signature process whenever we work on a new project. This process includes the following phases:

  • Discovery— This is the most important part of our process, since it’s the foundation for a great story, as well as the heart of your video. At this point, we get to know what you care about and have you fill out a creative brief for us to use as we work on your video. Then, we put together the roadmap for your story.


  • Development— Now that we’ve nailed down the message and the direction, our video production company takes things up a notch and puts together a script for your video. We also put together clear storyboards and create some visual style samples for you to look over and approve.


  • Production— This is where things really get underway. After you’ve picked out the script and chosen a stylistic direction, we breathe life into your story through the magic of video. At the end of this stage, we give you a video that puts your message on-screen in a way that will capture any audience’s attention.
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