What Are You Watching Online

I’m sure you don’t need us to tell you how hot online video content is right now. I’m sure you’re aware… but just how big is it? Well, over 700 Billion videos were viewed on Youtube last year. Told you it was big…

We can all agree that online video is huge – from people uploading vacation footage, to daredevils performing ‘gotta see it to believe it’ stunts, or child-phenoms getting their first exposure on Youtube.The stats don’t lie. We are spending a lot of time watching videos online. This is why more and more companies are harnessing the power of online video content to reach the consumer.

It’s a perfect avenue for a new generation of campaign– people are CHOOSINGto watch hours of video online every week. This is different from traditional advertising or commercials, where consumers feel forced to view information.

The real key is to create a video that the masses of online users will CHOOSE to play and share. Sounds obvious, and if it were that easy everyone would do it, right?

Statistics paint a better picture of our viewing behaviours.

A recent study shows that of the 69% of Internet users who regularly watch online video: 50% watch comedy, 38% watch Educational, 32% watch TV & Movies30% watch Political content.

(Source: PEW Research Centre)

So, if you’re planning a video advertising or marketing campaign with the intention of reaching the biggest market of online consumers – it had better be funny and informational. That’s the winning combination that will capitalize on the most viewers, and will be the most likely to make its way around the web.

Of course, nothing is THAT simple. Funny isn’t black and white, there will always be room for innovation, pushing the envelope and targeting a specific audience. Some of the most watched videos online feature singing cats or dancing babies! Funny is subjective. The formula makes sense, no matter who your audience is – the most effective campaigns strike a perfect balance; they inform and at the same time, entertain.

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