VIDEO Views Are No Guessing Game

If you had to guess, how many people have seen your Illustrate iT video? Your video is NOT just being viewed by family members anymore. It’s everywhere…right? It’s on your website, on your Youtube channel, shared across all social media networks, it has been to every Trade show, opened for your speaking gigs and even been featured in a few webinars.


You can easily track hits, likes and comments on Youtube, but that’s just one source. It would be nice NOT to have to ‘guess’ to find the number of views (am I right marketers?). If You want to answer this question with more ‘intel’, you’re going to need to track every source.


For starters, if you are putting your video onto your website, you should investigate video hosting that offers viewer analytics to track the success daily, weekly, monthly.


blog video views are no guessing game

eel free to do your own research, but we recommend you start by checking out Wistia – we think they are the hosts with the most. Knowing this information will not only give you an idea of traffic, but will also allow you to test where your video is being viewed most on your site, how many times a single viewer watched the video, and add advanced features like share buttons to boost the virility of your video.


Social Media:

Social share buttons are a GREAT way to encourage viewers to promote your video. Put them beside your video, and watch the numbers grow! Keep track of how many likes, shares, pluses and comments you receive on your site, but also every time you post on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus and any other network of choice.



Time to add it up! Video has such far-reaching potential as an effective communication aid because of its mobility and knack for turning heads! Many clients use their Explainer videos at Trade shows – video screens or tablets playing a short, engaging video can really draw a crowd! Videos can be used as an introduction to a product/service demo, webinar or even a speaking engagement. An Explainer video is designed to be quick and punchy, appealing to even the most guarded (or uninspired) audience member. It would be hard to accurately determine the number of eyes attentive to your video at events, but a simple calculation of attendees at each event will give you a rough estimate.
Youtube hits + onsite views + social sharing + events = The number of people who have seen and heard your message.

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