Video: Turning Rocket Science Into Child’s Play

Animated video is like a magic simplification machine. It can turn even the trickiest, most complex product into a simple story.


…and we’ve heard it all.


“My company sells hyper-micro-super-calli-frag-alistic-gizmo-optic-calibration software… how can you possibly simply that?”


The truth is… every product can be turned into a simple story. The hyper-micro-super-calli-frag-alistic-gizmo-optic-calibration software company can be just as uncomplicated as the company that comes to us and says, “We sell paper”.


How do we simplify iT?


Visually: With clear, simple animations that bring your story to life! We use cartoons for a reason – they are easy to connect with, no matter how old you are, or how smart you are. We also include visual graphics that ExplainIT better than scads and scads of spreadsheets and data ever could. A few stats can go a long way, we’ll highlight the most important ones to enhance your story.


The Idea: We use a very simple formula to build a story. We start by emphasizing the main pain points, next we present your solution and end with the call to action. Sometimes it helps to think abstractly. A squirrel hunting for an acorn in the winter could do a better job at representing how hard it is to find the right product on the market. In this way, we can help to connect your audience with an idea, rather than a literal interpretation. This works particularly well if your product is uber technical, or hard to show ‘in action’.


The Medium: Video combines sounds, images, and a carefully crafted script that all work together to deliver the ultimate teaching aid. The script forces our writer to get creative about boiling your story down to under 2 minutes. Every word counts! The beautiful thing about this medium, is that words do NOT tell the whole story. While you may only have 250 words I your script, you have 2 full minutes to fill with animations, images and sound.

We’ve never met a company or a product we couldn’t turn into a simple, 2-minute video. Just look at our portfolio to see our diverse roster of incredible clients with amazing stories to tell.

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